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By Pip Jarvis
19th Dec 2013

Matthew Butcher, Head Chef at Morris Jones

Christmas is my favourite holiday! There is nothing is better than sitting around on Christmas Day with your family and loved ones and eating good food. My mother's Christmas pudding is always something I look forward to. Here at Morris Jones, a lot of food is inspired by my family ties and I wanted to make my mark on Christmas with the new school 'Rejuvenated Christmas Pudding'. Hope you all is enjoy as much as I do!    


Course – Dessert
Serves – 6
Equipment – Blender, ice cream machine

Ingredients – Instant Cake

150g walnut
140g white Sugar
320g egg hite
35g organic white flour


Blitz walnuts and sugar in blender, slowly add egg white and blend for 2 minutes. Add flour and blend for another 2 minutes

Place mix in an espuma (espuma is a cream gas canister using N20 gas charges purchased at any cooking store) and charge twice then store in the fridge.

Using a plastic container, cut a little hole at the bottom and espuma the mix into the container. Cover the container with a lid and heat in the microwave for 45 seconds to 1 minute

Ingredients – Cherry & Fruit Component

500g dried fruit (apricots, figs, sultanas etc)
¼ cup sugar
1 cinnamon stick
2 cloves and 5 strips lemon rind
3 ½ cups water


Grab whatever dried fruit is in the cupboard and cook with sugar, cinnamon stick, lemon rind and water on simmering heat for 15-20 minutes then leave to cool. Once cool add in some fresh cherries.

Ingredients – Cherry Gel

500g cherry puree
6g agar agar


Mix ingredients and boil for 3 minutes then let set in the fridge. Once set and cool, blitz in a blender until it turns into a thickened curd texture.

Ingredients – Eggnog Ice Cream

500ml milk
400ml cream
150g brown sugar
120g egg yolk
35ml Hennessey


Boil milk and cream then add egg yolks and whisk. Mix for 2 minutes to emulsify then churn in an ice cream machine. Finish with adding Hennessey and freeze.

Ingredients – Christmas Spice

50g star anise
50g cinnamon
50g juniper
10g clove
10g salt
5g white pepper


Roast all ingredients in a pan and then blitz in blender.

Chef's notes for presentation

Put four dollops of the cherry gel on the plate, then break the instant cake into three pieces and place in between cherry gel. Garnish the Instant cake with cherry & fruit component on top and finish with a big spoon of eggnog ice cream. Sprinkle spice on the ice cream and cake.

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Image Credits: Tash Sorensen, The Urban List

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