Melbourne’s Best Nachos

By Hannah Valmadre
29th Nov 2015


Let’s be real, nachos are damn messy. But they're also delicious. So we at The Urban List encourage you to roll up your sleeves and indulge in the best that Melbourne has to offer. Think about it... have you ever had a terrible time consuming a bowl of cheesy nachos with your pals? We didn’t think so. One thing is for certain; nachos were made for sharing, so rustle up your mates and check out one of these fine establishments.

Pacos Tacos


You know you’re in good hands when the folk who brought us Movida decided to create a Mexican Taqueria. Paco’s Nachos involve tomato, chipotle, salsa verde, BBQ corn salsa, feta, sour cream, coriander and sunflower seeds, all on a bed of tasty tortilla chips. Wash it down with a slushie Margarita (hello, Tequila) and get your night off to an excellent start.

Mesa Verde

Melbourne CBD

Hiding out on Level 6 in Curtin House is a Mexican gem you need to get around. Instead of nachos, Mesa Verde make Chilaquiles - a very similar if not more delicious beast, which is served with salsa verde, beans, mozzarella. For a little extra these bad boys can be served with pork, so for goodness sakes, do yourself a favour and live a little.

Horn Please

Fitzroy North

Bet you probably didn’t see this one coming... Look, sometimes you want to spice it up a little when it comes to nachos, and this version is certainly a refreshing change from your standard fare. Horn Please's Papadi Chaat is the Indian version of nachos and salsa - a crunchy, sweet, tangy taste explosion. Rather than feeling sluggish from a cheese overload that all to often happens with nachos, the Papadi Chaat will top you up without taking you out.

Los Amates


Authentic Mexican food is well and truly the go at Los Amates, as they are known for encapsulating the spirit of such a wonderfully vibrant culture. Their Nachos Los Amates includes Salsa Roja, frijoles negros, cheese, guacamole and sour cream. We would also recommend checking out their Chilaquiles for breakfast or lunch, which come with everything from feta cheese and chicken to fried mushrooms. Delish.

Reverence Hotel


The Rev has a Mexican-based pub menu that will make your mouth water. The corn chips are oven-baked with melted tasty cheddar cheese, and topped with black beans, guac, Rev’s salsa, sour cream and jalapenos. Add slow cooked beef or vegan pork for good measure. We also secretly love that they call their 12-2pm menu on a weekend ‘Brunch’.

Captain Melville

Melbourne CBD

Mexican restaurants aren’t the only place to get nachos in this city, not by a long shot. Plenty of Melbourne pubs serve up a mean plate of nachos along with parmas and steaks, but Captain Melville has definitely caught our eye. These nachos come with a little extra kick, where tomato red onion salsa, coriander, and chilli beef meet the usual suspects of sour cream, avocado and corn chips.

Vegie Bar


Vegans rejoice, your time is now! The oven-baked corn chips with black beans are smothered in vegan cheese, so you can go to town. Layered on top of that is jalapenos, salsa, spring onion, guacamole, and the crown jewel of vegan cashew sour cream. If you’re feeling the Mexican vibes they also do a mean burrito, but maybe start with this first and see how you go.

Mi Corazon

Brunswick East

Usually it’s Mi Corazon’s extensive tequila and mezcal menu that draws people in from far and wide, but while you’re sipping away we definitely recommend getting a bite to eat. The nachos here consist of oven-baked corn chips covered with cheese, jalapenos, guacamole and sour cream. Interestingly, the salsa is served on the side, and you can choose between hot or mild.

Beach Burrito


If nachos are your jam, Beach Burrito will supply you with the goods - lots of the goods. Here they have three options; the Chilli Nachos with chilli con carne, the Vege Nachos with your old mates pico de gallo and guacamole, and then there’s the Nachos Especial where you get to call the shots. Choose the meat, and then add beans, cheese, salsa, pico de gallo, guac, jalapenos and garlic infused sour cream.

Image credit: Vegie Bar 

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