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PSA: The NGV Just Announced Its First Ever Triennial Exhibition

By James Shackell
9th Nov 2017


So the NGV just dropped a bit of a bombshell—they announced the line-up for their inaugural Triennial exhibition. And by the look of the program, it might just be the most ambitious project the gallery has ever attempted.

Cliff notes coming at you: this thing’s going to feature 78 artists from all over the world (32 countries, to be exact). It involves a complete, four-level takeover of the NGV building, crossing every possible genre and style—from sculpture, live performance, video installations and 3D printing to robotics, fashion design, tapestry and sculpture.

The exhibition will also include 20 new ‘large-scale artworks’, commissioned exclusively by the NGV, that’ll form part of a permanent, legacy collection. Details are sketchy, but they’re promising “architecture, design, sculpture, installation, moving image and interactive works exploring new media and technology.”

It’d take a few days to run through every one of the exhibitors. But here’s a few highlights to keep you interested:

  • A 46m carpet landscape, titled Santa Cruz River, woven by Argentinian artists Alexandra Kehayogiou.
  • A huge digital water vortex, projected onto the floor, that responds to your presence and movement.  
  • A video project from Candice Breitz that highlights the plight of refugees. She managed to rope in Julianne More and Alec Baldwin for the voiceover.
  • Office furniture built from precious metals. A conceptual project from the Netherland’s Formafantasma
  • A collection of 50 ‘manga chairs’, designed by Nendo from Japan.
  • A three-channel video, filmed on long-range military cameras, that captures the Syrian refugee crisis.

The plan is to run the Triennial every three years as the marquee event on the NGV’s calendar. Celebrated international artists will be running workshops and lectures, conversations and interviews on opening weekend.

Did we mention? Entry is 100% free. Nice one, NGV.

The Details

Where: National Gallery of Victoria
When: 15 December 2017 – 15 April 2018
For more info, click here

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Image credit: NGV

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