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Stop Everything! McDonald’s Sweet Mustard Dipping Sauce Is Back

By Jessica Best
29th Nov 2017


Move over Prince Harry and Megan Markle—there’s a bigger marriage on the horizon.

Cue a six pack of chicken nuggets paired with Maccas’ iconic mustard dipping sauce #romance. 

Lord have mercy on us, our bodies are totally and undeniably ready for this. And what on earth did we do to deserve such an end to the year? We have no idea and to be honest, we don’t even care because the holy grail condiment of Maccas is back. For good.

And in case that’s not sinking in, let us just say it plain and simple:

McDonald’s sweet mustard dipping sauce is now back on menu PERMANENTLY. 

Which means your nuggets will never, ever go lonely again. Yep, douse your chicky nugs to your heart’s content, double-dip your chips into the golden stuff or wash down sweet mustard shots like it’s 2am and you’re on a mission to conquer the worst hangover you’ll inevitably have.

Yep, we’re pretty sure this is the one thing that'll fix anything you've been through in 2017. You know what to do team.

Meanwhile, the world's first rosé bar is here

Image credit: McDonald's

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