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By Ella Stening
13th Jan 2014

Whether you're looking to impress a potential employer, make your girlfriend go gaga, or your name is Barney Stinson, having a well made suit hanging pressed and ready in the closet is without question one of the most important things in a man's life. Not only are they timeless, adaptable and imbued with the power to make people take you seriously, they're imperative for formal occasions, important pitches in board meetings and to execute high intensity Parkour, as Daniel Craig will hasten to inform you.

However, though suits all follow the same basic shape and structure, it's not as easy as it may seem to pick one that, well, suits you best. And, of course, you don't want to rock up wearing the same suit as the guy next to you – it's just downright awkward. You want something unique, but comfortable. Light, but impressive. The right colour, the right attitude, the right number of buttons – these things matter when suiting up.

As long as you're not one of those guys rocking the white loafer/chino combo (may the Gates of Hell greet you warmly), there are many men in Melbourne who are bent on crafting perfect suits for those who wish to look good and make jaws hit the floor. So, rather than wait for your next trip to Bali, why not check out these local tailors. They'll trick you out in style, whether or not you're a double breasted kinda guy, can't stand a peaked lapel, or you just really dig those orange frills the boys from Dumb and Dumber "pull off".


Sartorial savant, Patrick Johnson, and his head tailor, Tom Riley, make up P. Johnson tailors. Book an appointment and upon arrival your tailor will guide you through a selection of indulgent fabrics, measure your pecs and bippies, then cart that information off to Europe, where London and Amsterdam will be tasked with crafting you your new, custom-made shirt or suit of ultimate luxury. With showrooms in both Sydney and Melbourne and a reputation that knows no borders, their wares are nod to nostalgia, but with timeless taste in mind. 

P. Johnson Tailors | 29 Thomas Street in Windsor


Tailors from Suit Shop love good tailoring like Don Draper loves a Lucky Strike. Suit Shop is only a couple of years old, but within their little walls, there are tailors whose qualifications flow like fine amber liquor, guiding you through a step by step process to create the perfect suit for you. Booking an appointment is a complete necessity and it does take a while to receive your suit, but this is an investment – and good things come to those who wait. 

Suit Shop | They come to you!


Amongst the racks of blazers and stiff collars are the "artists" from American Tailors, legends in their own right. Suiting up Melbourne corporates and cultural heavyweights since the 50s, having a suit made here not only guarantees top notch quality, but bonus points for endorsing heritage and local craftsmanship. As well as in-store tailors, the store offers some fabulous ready to wear menswear brands, like Della Ciano shirts, Albert Thurston belts and even bone handled umbrellas. Can't have that new suit getting wet now, can we?

American Tailors | 68 Bourke Street in Melbourne


Melbourne father and son tailors, Pino and Dominic Carbone, know precisely what they're doing when it comes to the art of a perfect suit. Established in 1959, Pino Carbone sought for excellence in his product – quality, attention to detail and, most importantly, old school elegance. Pair that with the contemporary flair from his son Dominic, and the pair have fashioned themselves a powerful reputation that will leave a lasting legacy. Catering for both women and men, they also stock many luxury labels, should you wish to top off your custom-made suit with a swish new belt or cufflinks.

Carbone Master Tailors | 297 Lygon Street in Brunswick

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