Tinder 101: Date Venues That Will Make You Look Impressive

By Michaela Goldblatt
12th May 2016

best tinder date venues in melbourne

So you’ve been chatting for a couple of weeks, and the possibility of meeting up for a first date just got real. At this stage, many Tinder-users will panic, freeze or just wait complacently for the other person to suggest a location—because, let’s face it, a crap venue = a crap first impression. 

But what if we thought about it in a different way, Tinderers? The choice of venue says a lot about a person—so why not seize the opportunity to show some initiative and assertiveness (both undoubtedly attractive qualities) straight off the bat?

So how do you wanna play it? Do want to look arty? Maybe hipster? Or super luxe? We’ve scouted out the best venues in Melbourne that will help you convey these (and other) first impressions—because we've got your back, boo.

How To Look Arty 

Life Drawing | Melbourne CBD 

Okay, it may seem weird right now—but bear (bare?) with me. As opposed to walking around an art exhibition, the shared experience of sketching a naked person is not only a unique way of expressing your artistic side, but is also a surprisingly effective way of breaking down any communication barriers from the outset. Giggles, banter and sneaky looks are inevitable with this activity. Life Drawing holds untutored drop-in classes on Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 7pm to 9pm in the Nicholas building, Swanston Street. If all goes well, you’re perfectly situated to kick on afterwards for a drink on Flinders Lane. 

How To Look Fit

Hardrock  | Melbourne CBD

We’ve all seen the glass-windowed indoor rock-climbing gym on Swanston Street, Hardrock—but have you ever considered it as the venue for your next date? If you want to showcase your sporty side, this is one for you. Belaying your date serves as a great way to connect with each other—in a literal sense, as there is an actual rope attaching the two of you. The experience necessitates constant communication—and delivers a good balance between fun and communication. There are also some opportunities for light physical contact through partner safety checks, ensuring that all straps and knots are secured... excellent.  

How To Look Luxe

Cumulus Inc | Melbourne CBD

Let’s face it, a fancy dinner is the safest bet when it comes to dates. It’s a foolproof way of showing off your opulent side… if you pick the right venue. But don’t worry, we got you. Cumulus Inc is our suggestion. For one, you can’t go wrong with modern Australian cuisine, plus this place has nailed fine dining without that over-the-top pretentious vibe that usually accompanies it. Yes, you want to look luxe, but you don’t want to look like a wanker. Cumulus is simple, chic and absolutely delicious… that’s all you really want, right? 

How To Look Down-To-Earth

Village Cinemas Coburg Drive-In 

The good ol’ fashion drive-in cinema will get you some serious DTE points. The drive-in has so many benefits over a regular movie theatre, the main ones being: 1. Drinking alcohol is allowed. And 2. You and your date can chat til your hearts content (or, um, do other things…) without ever worrying about bothering the people around you. The Coburg Drive-In always has a great line-up of new films—so clean up your car, collect your date (obviously) and pick a film to showcase your humble side. 

How To Look Like An Animal Lover

Cat Café | Melbourne CBD 

Seriously, is there anything more hipster than a Cat Café? Although the menu is very basic—only serving instant coffee and tea, bottled drinks and baked goods—it's the 14 resident felines that are the main show. Did you know that it’s been proven that interacting with cats can lower high blood pressure, stress and anxiety? Pretty damn useful for a first date. Just make sure your date is not allergic to cats—and that you don't get too consumed by playing with the cats, thereby ignoring your date. You don't want to look like a crazy cat lady/man. This place also gets busy so don’t forget to book a session in advance.  

How To Look Smart

Trapt Bar and Escape Rooms | Melbourne CBD 

We’ve all been on a date that was so boring that we wished we could’ve escaped. But at Trapt, you’ll be trying to escape together… how cute! Besides being the perfect date to show your thrill-seeking side, this choice of venue has two other distinct advantages: firstly, you can test whether you and your date can cooperate with each other in a high-intensity environment, and secondly, you can demonstrate your smarts. Don't we all love an intelligent partner?! Plus, the dark setting can allow you get a lil bit jiggy… jussayin.  

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