Where To Find Oprah In Melbourne

By Clare Acheson - 26 Nov 2015


Listers, the big O is headed down under and gosh darn it, are we excited. The life advice! The teary confessionals! The summer book recommendations! The worth-more-than-my-salary prizes!

Have you got your tickets to worship at the throne of Ms. Winfrey?! If not, don’t fret, because we’ve rounded up all of the places you’ll find Oprah Winfrey in Melbourne. As for whether you’ll win a life-changing prize if you track her down? That’s another question altogether…

#1: Recommending Must-Reads In Readings

Oprah’s book club is my go-to when I need some current lit that’s not penned by Lena Dunham, which is why I’ll bet my last $5 note that she’ll definitely be spending some time in Readings, recommending the latest and greatest paperbacks that are beach-bag worthy. Helloooo summer on the beach with some froffies and some O-worthy penmanship.

#2: Giving Away Cars At A Dealership, Somewhere In The CBD

“YOU get a car, and YOU get a car, and YOOOUUUUU get a car!” If anyone finds Oprah at a car dealership, she’d better give you a car.

#3: Checking Out Some Arthouse Cinema At Cinema Nova

Did you know that Oprah is the producer behind some of this decade’s most influential fringe films? Not only is she a massive benefactor when it comes to humanitarian causes, she also fronts her own cash and creative input to see some incredible films made for the big screen. Her latest producer role was on ‘Selma’, a film chronicling the voting rights marches led by Martin Luther King Jr., showing that she loves a film that tells a true-life story of change for good. If we were Oprah, we'd hit up Cinema Nova for some popcorn. Wines. Art house films.

#4: Celebrating Christmas Early At The Myer Christmas Windows

Oprah hosts some of the best Christmas viewing each season (um, did you see her Christmas At The White House special?!), so we can guarantee she’ll be checking out some of Melbourne’s most spectacular Christmas decorations as part of the Myer Christmas window. Either that, or she’ll have been lured to Geelong for their lightshow by that neon-topped tree decoration of a mayor. Run, Oprah. Run. Now.

#5: Slamming A Few Aces At Rod Laver

The wonderful Winfrey is speaking at Rod Laver next week, so we imagine she’ll be letting out some pre-event stress with a few games at Rod Laver’s world-class courts. Also, she'll be surely rocking a visor. YES.

#6: Snacking On A Unicorn’s Wing, Delicately Toasted By Dragon’s Fire, Served On A Bed Of Gold Leaf And Angels’ Tears Cooked By Shannon Bennett, While Soaring Around Melbourne’s Skies In A Diamond Encrusted Blimp

Oprah Winfrey is worth a massive US$3 BILLION. That’s like, um, a third of a Gina Rinehart. If anyone’s going to be feasting on mythical ingredients cooked to perfection by the city’s top chef, while taking in Melbourne’s beautiful sights from a jewel-laced balloon, it’d be Oprah. Damn girl, you’ve got it good.

If you’re keen to make sure you’ll get a chance to see Oprah Winfrey in Melbourne, make sure you pick up a ticket for her Melbourne date this Wednesday. You may even get a car.

An Evening With Oprah | Wednesday 2nd December 2015. Book here.

Keen for more celebrity sightings? We hear Taylor Swift is headed to our shores shortly too… Check out the A List for more fun news of what’s on in Melbourne.

Photo credit: Business Outsider

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