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Your Underground Guide To Geelong (Aka The Second Melbourne)

By Ellen Seah
14th Mar 2017

things to do in Geelong

Although “cake” and “bar” aren’t traditionally a pair seen together—we can’t believe it’s taken this long for someone to serve up martinis and mud cake under one roof.

Well heads up—Geelong’s got TWO of these. The OG dessert bar, Armageddon Cake, and the new cake on the block, Cake Bar. Yet another mouth-watering spot on Geelong’s killer food scene.

Skip the road-trip down to Geelong (after all, you want all the dessert-themed cocktails, right?) and jump on the V-Line (trust us, it’s just as quick). There’s a seriously detailed local bus network that will get you wherever you need.

Case in point: Stop at the Moorabool Street Bus Interchange and you’ll be exactly 58 metres away from Cake Bar. But in cake, err case, you’re not planning on spending the entire day eating cake (nothing wrong with that), here are some other things to do while you’re in and around Geelong.

Box Office

Geelong West

Inspired by the streets of Vietnam, the owner of Box Office has transplanted every vibrant flavour to Geelong West. The entire café is made from a renovated shipping container. Dishes can be raw, vegan and/or gluten-free friendly. Pick the potato waffles and don’t look back.

Jump off at: Geelong West Town Hall / Pakington Street

House of Sonny


If you dropped the House of Sonny in Melbourne, there would be queues around the bend on Sunday morning. Luckily for you, it’s in Inverleigh, so you’ll only have to wait a halfa (kidding). Order the housemade drinks and a bagel.

Jump off at: High Street Interchange

Sober Ramen

Central Geelong

A ramen and sake bar worthy of its central location, Sober Ramen serves up chewy ramen noodles with three levels of spice (we max out at about level 0.5) and gyoza.

Jump off at: Moorabool St Bus Interchange

Armageddon Cake

Central Geelong

If you’re ~legitimately~ going on a cake tour of Geelong (like we said, no judgement here), make sure to hit up Armageddon Cake. These guys were the OG. Open until 7pm everyday, this late-night dessert bar is guaranteed to scratch that sugary itch.

Jump off at: Moorabool St Bus Interchange

Cake Bar

Central Geelong

Kinder Surprise Mousse Cakes, Salted Caramel Popcorn Cake, Caramello Koala Chocolate Cheesecake and classics like Aussie Pav’ and Cadbury Chocolate Mousse Cake. AND cocktails. Need we say more?

Jump off at: Moorabool St Bus Interchange

Piano Bar

Central Geelong

You don’t have to be a pianist to enjoy the Piano Bar. Home to a rotating calendar of the best piano bar performers in Victoria, guests are encouraged to sing (and dance) along. The waiters and waitresses certainly do.

Jump off at: Clare St/Malop St

Little Creatures Brewery

South Geelong

Little Creatures’ home away from home, no visit is complete without a stop at Little Creatures Brewery. Make sure to check out their events section—from Furphy Cinemas during summer to a Winter Wonderland transformation in July, there’s usually something that’ll peak your interest.

Jump off at: Garden St

Bellarine Sunflower Fields


You may need to borrow a bike for this one (YAS for fresh air!) but it’ll all be worth it for the thousands of sunflowers. Just don’t cross the fence—it’s private property! Check out the details here. Hurry, these guys don’t last long.

BOOM Gallery


A leading contemporary art and design gallery, BOOM Gallery presents a range work of from emerging and established artists. Along with art and design galleries, it’s home to an extensive stockroom, workshop and café.

Jump off at: Hampton St

Barwon Heads

Bellarine Peninsula

Calm waters at Barwon Heads makes it an ideal spot for paddleboarding, surfing (for beginners) and rowing. If you’re looking for lessons, make a beeline for Paddle Life Barwon Heads. There’s also a new fish n’ chippery right on the beach. Now we’re talking...

Jump off at: Seaview Ave/Geelong Rd, on Route 55

Geelong Foreshore

Central Geelong

The ideal weekend stroll, the Geelong Foreshore boasts old-world charm with history, sparkling waters and sea breezed cafés. Pro tip: look for the painted rabbits on the bollards. A little wink wink to fact Australia’s first rabbits were introduced just up the road.

Jump off at: See here. Take the Route 1, which runs every 30 minutes on weekdays.

Geelong Heritage Centre

Central Geelong

The new nine-storey Geelong Library and Heritage Centre was a $45-mill bill, but (we think) it was worth erry penny. Nearly every historical space has been remodelled as a creative hub, gallery, or venue. Crack a picnic in the new-look Johnstone Park when you’re finished hitting the books.

Jump off at: See here. Take the Route 25, which runs every 20 minutes on weekdays. 

Geelong Vintage Market                   

North Geelong

This vintage market puts every op shop in Melbourne to shame. Over 4,000 square metres contains an assortment of knick-knacks, homewares, vintage clothing, vinyl and more. And if your vintage cravings STILL aren’t satisfied, there’s more where that came from

Jump off at: Mackey St


Barwon Heads

Best known for its large range of Marimekko apparel and homewares, Kiitos has everything you wished you owned. Brace your credit card—it’s going to be taking a hit after you spend ten minutes (or less) here.

Jump off at: Hitchcock Avenue

Image credit: Michelle Jarni for The Urban List.

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