18 Time Management Tips To Smash Your Week Like A Pro

By Bella Askelund
21st Aug 2017

18 Time Management Tips To Smash Your Week Like A Pro

You know those people that just get s*** done? They’re up at 6am for their morning run and by 8:30 you drive past the local cafe and see them networking over breakfast. By 9:30 they’re in the office with a smile on their dial, takeaway coffees for the office in one hand and a tray of Paleo muffins in the other—having already achieved more than you will through your entire day! They do all this yet they’re not even superhuman…So surely we can do it too?

To give that ‘too good’ colleague a little run for their money, here’s 18 time management tips to smash your week like a pro! Quick, get to it, they’re probably already 7km through the Auckland marathon by now.

  1. Sleep at least seven to eight hours each night because let’s be honest, you are one craaaanky human when you don’t get enough shut eye.
  2. Learn to say no. Whether its your boss phoning at 7pm with an extra to-do list or your boyfriend wanting you to pick up takeaways when really you feel like eating muesli in your pjs, just say no. It’s not rude, it’s called life.
  3. Don’t be a perfectionist. Move on to the next task on the agenda instead of spending hours dwelling on the slight imperfections of your work. You’re probably the only one that notices them anyway.
  4. Get up early! ‘The early bird catches the worm’ and all that jazz, yeah you already know what to do.
  5. Use a day planner. Remember in New York Minute how Ashley Olsen loses her planner and basically loses her life at the same time? Yep, planners are pretty bomb and can make life a whole lot easier for ya.
  6. If a planner seems a little OTT, at least use a diary. Keeping track of your meetings, appointments and pesky tasks is crucial to feeling like you’ve got your life on track.
  7. Aim to be early. Yes, your eyes are probably rolling at this one, but why add even more stress to your day worrying about what apology you’re gonna whip up for being late yet again. Instead, just move your A into G a little faster!
  8. Leave a buffer-time between tasks. This one sounds like a contradiction to the whole ‘getting things done’ but it makes sense. We all need some chill time to regain our thoughts.
  9. Adopt a step-by-step approach rather than letting the totality of your checklist get the best of you. Us creatures get overwhelmed verrry easily, so make it easier on yourself.  
  10. Exercise more often, no excuses. Whether you’re taking a walk around the park on your lunch break or hitting the gym in the early hours of the day, exercise is a magnificent stress relief.
  11. On that note, eat healthier. Munching down on chocolate bars and excess coffee through the day is only going to leave you crashing. It may taste good, but it ain’t gonna help in the efficiency department.
  12. Take advantage of weekend down time. Weekends are clearly made for relaxing, but if you do have two hours to spare, then tackling a little work is a great idea to prevent an information overload at the office on Monday morning.
  13. Find out what matters. Eliminate the excess in life and focus on what’s important. We spend a lot of time worrying about things that will never happen.
  14. Focus on the job at hand. Notice how efficient people often seem engrossed in their work whereas the clown next to them is scrolling Insta on his Iphone? Moral of the story: don’t be the clown.
  15. Delegate. This get’s a bad rep but sometimes there are tasks that others will either a) do better or b) be happy to help with. Offloading a little work is a blessing worth taking advantage of.
  16. Listen to what you're feeling and cut off when you need to. If it’s 4pm and your brain has had it, sometimes it’s better to call it a day and approach tomorrow with a brighter mindset. Overworking yourself is not the answer, friends.
  17. Keep a clock near by. At work, one hour can either feel like five minutes or five hours, so make sure you check the time to ensure you haven’t spent the majority of your day on one task.
  18. Treat yourself. Whether its an after work dinner with your SO, or a movie night with your bestie, leave time for the things you truly love.

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