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19 Things To Do Before Work This Summer

By Grace Noles
14th Dec 2017

19 Things To Do Before Work This Summer

The summer sun may be out in full force but spare a thought for those still cooped up in the office Mon-Fri. Here at The Urban List we like to make the best out of a not so great situation and we think you can definitely still make the most out of those long summer days. With the sun rising well before you clock in, here are all the best ways to spend those extra hours of sunlight before your shift!

  1. Hit the beach. Nothing, and we mean NOTHING, beats a refreshing ocean swim to wake you up in the morning.
  2. Take a hike. Auckland has some of the best views and it’s always great to get your exercise done and dusted for the day.
  3. Tick one off the bucket list and give surfing a try. Here are some of the best surf spots in the city! Shaaka bruh.
  4. Change up the boring treadmill routine and hit up Auckland Domain for a run around the track.
  5. Get up extra early and watch the sun rise from any of these great places. Makes for a good early morning ‘gram! 
  6. Head down to Mission Bay and rent a paddle board for the morning to catch some peace and quiet out on the water.
  7. Hit Lord Of The Fries to try their breakfast menu! Burgers and hasbrowns for breakfast anyone?
  8. Tell yourself you’re going to hit the gym at 6am. And actually do it! You’ll be high from the endorphins all day long.
  9. It may be early morning but it’s still hot as hell, grab an ice coffee from one of the city’s best spots to start your day right.
  10. Team up with a furry companion and hit one of Auckland’s dog parks to get in some bonding time and exercise with ya best pal. 
  11. Brunching isn’t just for the weekends, treat yourself to coffee and a plate of pancakes at Dear Jervois - they will seriously kick start your day!
  12.  Eaaaase into the day with some outdoor yoga to get your namaste on and have you feeling at peace before work.
  13.  Dust the cobwebs off your bike and take a cruise along Auckland City’s pink lightpath (just be sure to shower before you head into work, you don’t want to be that person).
  14.  Stop by Herne Bay gem La Boulage to pick up some crossaints and macarons for breakfast. Delicious! 
  15. Enjoy your morning routine instead of rushing out the door at the last minute. Head to your fave café, sip on your coffee, and catch up on the daily news as you relax into the day. (Psst.. These ones have free wifi)
  16. Catch up with a mate before you start the day. Sure it’ll be hard convincing them to get up a bit earlier but a good chat with a friend always puts you in a better mood!
  17. Skip chugging back a morning coffee and opt for a fresh pressed juice instead. It’ll put a bounce in your step and encourage healthy decisions for the rest of the day.
  18. Stop by Best Ugly Bagels. Because bagels.
  19. Chuck a sickie and straight to one of these awesome roadie destinations. We won’t tell anyone.

Finished work and hungry? Here's all of the brunches you should be eating in Auckland. 

Image Credit: Caitlin Hicks

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