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25 Dates To Have In Auckland This Autumn

By Bella Ramdhanie
13th Mar 2018

We need to face it, summer is no more. With beach days and Christmas break behind us, the promise of fiery-coloured leaves and all things autumn gets closer. And here at The Urban List, we have a soft spot for darker evenings and cool mornings. As we see it, autumn is a seriously romantic backdrop for a date with the SO and there are many wonderful things to do this season. Breathe in the fresh air and get ready to #uptheanti of your Insta feed, because bikini and beach-bod grams are no more.

Here are 25 dates to have this autumn:

  1. Embrace New Zealand’s epic environment before it’s too late and hit one of these magical camping spots
  2. Hop on the ferry and spend a wonderful day in Waiheke. Food, wine and the company of bae, what could be better?!
  3. Get outdoors and see what the tourists are making all the fuss about, stroll hand in hand at one of these stunning walks
  4. Pumpkin errrrythang. Get creative and have a baking day with bae #goals.
  5. If there’s one thing autumn is good for, it’s appreciating all the goodness of being cosy. Keep it simple and have a warm, coffee date at one of Auckland’s best cafes.
  6. In the spirit of getting cosy, Netflix and chill is always a valid option. Order in your favourite takeout, snuggle up under warm blankets and have a movie marathon!
  7. Work off all the treats you’ve embraced since summer ended, and be a #fitspocouple by checking out one of these epic walks and hikes
  8. With the temperature dropping, the appreciation we have for a warm bowl of noodles just continues to increase. Why not check out one of Auckland’s best ramen joints
  9. Head to Eden Park, get a beer in hand and spend your date enjoying the lively atmosphere. Points for whoever has the best cheer.
  10. Spend a day splashing and head to one of Auckland’s best hot pools
  11. Beach hopping is behind us, the only option now is winery hopping, and this sits very well with us. 
  12. Get amongst all things rom com, pack yourself a picnic hamper and head to the beach. The autumn weather allows for the likes of snuggly blankets and warm takeaways.
  13. Opt for a mini-break to a cosy cabin. Located by a beautiful New Zealand beach, Bethells Beach Cottages is perfect for a picturesque getaway. 
  14. Throw caution to the wind embrace your inner cheese-ball by going horseback riding with bae—the colourful leaves make it just that lil bit better.
  15. We know it’s a bit colder than we’ve become accustomed to, but that’s no excuse to be boring! Head out for a cocktail and a dance at one of Auckland's best cocktail bars (liquid courage has a special place in our heart).
  16. Mulled wine. Mulled wine. Mulled wine. Need we say more?
  17. Feelin’ courageous? Auckland has plenty of date options for adrenaline junkies, whether it is skydiving or bungee jumping off the Sky Tower, there’s no need for your summer to outdo your autumn! Make it count!
  18. If you feel like an escape, autumn provides breathtakingly gorgeous landscapes. Plan a trip with your SO to Wanaka and marvel at the beauty that is New Zealand.
  19. Pop over to Devonport and explore the North Head Tunnels, be sure to bring a touch! This date provides ample opportunities to grab on to the hand of your bae for protection.
  20. Autumn can be unpredictable, if it’s a rainy day, check out this list
  21. While the weather remains intact, climb Rangitoto (mighty-fine-couple-goals Instagram material). Good luck to your booty.
  22. If it floats your boat, autumn is the prime time for fishing! Head to the Bay of Plenty for a cute fishing trip and work out if your date is a catch (pun intended).
  23. If you weren’t aware, you have the option to take a scenic train journey in New Zealand with KiwiRail. Totally romantic and it’ll totally have you appreciating the season and all its glory. 
  24. Autumn is the best time of the year to stargaze! Is there a cuter way to spend your date? We think not. Check out the best of stargazing in Auckland.
  25. Have a laugh. Autumn is the time of Auckland’s Annual Comedy Fest and a good laugh can act as the ice-breaker you need. 

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Image Credit: Bethells Beach Cottages 

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