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Auckland Food Trucks We’re Loving Right Now

By Nina Franklin
6th Mar 2018

Auckland Food Trucks We’re Loving Right Now

A kitchen on wheels, where you can purchase mouth-watering, top-notch kai and then take it away to munch back wherever your heart desires? It’s a million-dollar idea we can get behind. Yep, we are talking glorious food trucks! While Auckland is overflowing with endless possibilities, we’ve rounded up ten of our faves we're loving right now.

Some of them are veterans and some are on the newer side of the scene, but one thing's for sure, they're all finger-lickin' good.

Here’s our round-up of Auckland’s best food trucks.

Judge Bao

Dynamic duo, Jamie and Debbie, made a splash in the Auckland food truck scene with their "playful Chinese fare with a touch of love." You can find Judge Bao popping up all over the show at markets, festivals and special events. Their hand-rolled bao buns are something to get excited about with traditional flavours with a modern twist. Their sandwich hand-rolled steamed bun baos’ feature fillings like the "black betty" with black vinegar braised pork with sesame and spring onion. They also have plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, too. These baos may be small but they pack a punch and leave you wanting to come back for more and more.....and more!

Auckland Food Trucks We’re Loving Right Now

Double Dutch Fries

We can get behind Double Dutch Fries all damn day because who doesn't love a good fry!? Yup, these guys are allll about the hand-cut potato-ey goodness. The genius, Tim van der Werff behind this idea hails from Holland and wanted to bring a taste of Patat—Holland's finest street food—to Auckland, lucky us! These hand-cut creations are made from Agria potatoes from Pukekohe and are hand cut right before your very eyes then fried up twice in sunflower oil. They’re gluten free, vegan and vegetarian, holla!

Kraken Crumpets

For all of your crumpet needs, check out Kraken Crumpets. Featuring sweet and savoury delights. With options like the bacon and egg, salmon, basil pesto, banana salted caramel, or the blueberry black forest crumpet featuring berry compote, dark chocolate coconut ganache, chocolate chips, pistachio aaaand raspberry, it's enough to send your taste buds round the bend and back again. These freshly-baked delights are seriously addictive, so make sure you pace yourselves.

Auckland Food Trucks We're Loving Right Now


If you're lactose intolerant then scroll on because this food truck is all about ooey, gooey, melted, CHEESE. These food gods have come down from heaven and brought us a food truck dedicated entirely to this delicious yellow goop. Regulars at the Auckland food markets, Melt food truck knows what the people of Auckland want. They offer up dishes such as raclette, which is Swiss cheese melted and scraped off in blocks onto foods such as potatoes, gherkins and pickled onions. And Melt has taken it a step further by putting together the genius dish that is the steak raclette sub. Featuring sirloin steak, gravy and topped with...yup you guessed it, melted cheese. Melt has our tummies rumbling just talkin' about them, so race on down and check them out for yourselves.

The Lucky Taco

Sarah and Otis Frizzell are the awesome husband-and-wife duo behind The Lucky Taco—Auckland's super-duper, delicious soft-shelled taco food truck. If you're all about the Mexican fare, then you need to give these tacos a whirl. Their creative and ever-changing menu features options such as Taco De Arrachera, with marinated skirt steak with spicy avocado cream, pico de gello, red cabbage, lime and coriander. And get this—they've got a CHEESEBURGER taco! *Cue major salivation.* This bad boy features marinated ground beef, pickled jalapeños, melted mild cheddar, topped with spicy avo cream, lime sauce, pink pickle, red cabbage, coriander root and toasted sesame seeds.

Wise Boys Burgers

Wise Boys Burgers is all about nourishing your body with plant-based, nutritious burgers and we can't get enough! Their menu started with three mouth-watering vegan options, being the Moroccan, the spicy Mex and the Kiwi burger. They then branched out and added on a grilled tempeh, balsamic mushroom burger and a deep-fried satay tofu burger. But our fave and probs their wackiest creation is the Samuel el Jackfruit burger featuring jackfruit, tangy apple slaw, pineapple and vegan aioli.

The White Lady

The classic White Lady food truck has been around for yonks. Parked up on Commerce Street, they have got the late-night feeds down pat. Open 24 hours during the weekend and til four in the morning during the week, this is THE PLACE to go after a big night out. Featuring all of the grease on grease staples, like burgers and toasties and ya classic milkshakes, they are food truck veterans and we’re sure they’ll be around for many more years to come.

Las Masitas

Plant-based, Mexican fare with a Kiwi twist is what Las Masitas is all about. Georgia and Toni have brought their epic Tamale creations to the streets of Auckland City, with 2% of all of their proceeds going to Latin American charity, Pro Mujer, which helps women in Latin America thrive. Their tasty tamales feature options like the smoky bbq and the chickpea chorizo wrapped in a corn base, soaked in lime. Tamales are best enjoyed for breakfast, but you can get wrap your mouth around the goodness of these creations at any time of the day when you see this food truck pop up AND you'll be supporting a great cause. It's a win-win sitch really!

The Tin Kitchen

The Tin Kitchen is just that—a tin kitchen on wheels! And, former Wellingtonian, head chef Matt Ross, a keen fisherman, has created probably the best soft shell crab burger in Auckland. Don't believe us? Try it out for yourselves! It features a cajun soft shell crab with slaw, coriander, mango chilli salsa and tamarind mayo and then they've got the rolled pork belly with rocket, roasted field mushrooms and capsicum which come encased in a ricotta bun. The Tin Kitchin is poppin' up all over the show at events and festivals and trust us, their food will impress the socks off of you.

House Of Dumplings

If you thought we'd get through the list without a mention of the beloved House Of Dumplings, then you were wrong! Why? Because, dumplings— duh! With seven mouth-watering flavours to choose from, you won't know where to start. We're talking Cantonese chicken with coriander, Shanghai free-range pork with savoy cabbage, Nepalese spiced lamb with five veg, Korean sesame beef and sprouts, garlic prawn, spinach, tofu and bok choy and finally, the Japanese six-mushroom dumpling.You can find this food truck popping up at markets all over the show and her marvellous creations can also be found at various supermarkets. Bonus!


Image Credit: Guy Hasler for Wise Burgers, Kellie Blizzard, Andrew Wilson

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