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Auckland’s Getting A Moana Sing-Along

By Jaiden Bhaga
23rd Feb 2017

aucklands getting a moana sing-along

Just when you thought Disney’s Moana couldn’t get any better, it’s back again as a sing-along!

Moana has sailed back into theatres for another adventure—you can relive the laughs, magic and excitement all over again, while belting out only the best movie soundtrack EVER!

See how far you’ll go and move your shower performances to the big screen on the 11th and 12th of March. Grab your fellow Moanaiacs (yeah, we’re making it a thing) and sing all the way to Te Fiti together.

That’s right, you too can again be the daughter of the village chief or the demi god you know you are deep down inside.

Have a go at the rich Tokelauan lyrics, yearn for adventure in Moana’s epic power ballad, love yourself through our very own Jemaine Clement’s ‘Shiny’ and bring out the big guns for Dwayne Johnson’s ‘You’re Welcome’. All this in the communal comfort of fellow Moanaiacs (see we told you it’d be a thing).

If you have a pal who’s been living under a rock and isn’t quite sure what all the Moana mayhem is about, be sure to put some wind behind their sails, load up the soundtrack and get them down to theatres for an unforgettable adventure. You’re sure to be saying ‘you’re welcome’ by the end of the night.

This isn’t even to mention to stunning visuals, local cultural references, heavy New Zealand roots, the feels and of course the sass we can’t get enough of. It’s the Disney movie that keeps on giving!

As if we didn’t have enough to look forward to already with the release of Beauty & The Beast next month, Disney’s pulling out all the stops this year, and we couldn’t be any more excited if we tried.


What: Moana Sing a long

When: March 11th and 12th

Where: Various locations

More: Check your local cinemas for times


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