Auckland’s Getting An Eatery Dedicated To Fries Only!

By Bella Askelund
23rd Aug 2017

Auckland's Getting An Eatery Dedicated To Fries Only!

Attention all grease loving, fried food fanatics: get ready to devour your own body weight in finger lickin’ good fries. Yep you guessed it, the day has come where Auckland is graced with its very own fry shop! We’re welcoming fries, sauce and nada else—cue perfectly timed tummy rumble.

Setting up home base in Snickle Lane on the corner of Fort Street and Commerce Street in the CBD, Fry Baby is about to satisfy many of hungry bellies. From hungover feeds to late night steals and just about everything in between, we’re predicting this will quickly become a familiar face in ol’ Auckland town. Side note: we always predict correctly!

Transporting us back to the days spent roaming cosy European streets, Fry Baby will be serving up fries with a traditional Belgian influence. Jetsetters tell us there’s no better treat than a punnet of Belgian fries—a unique taste, texture and shape. It’s safe to say we’re pretty pumped.

Bringing things up another notch, customers have a selection of more than 10 sauces to pick from. With funky as fook names, the team boast a ‘more the merrier’ attitude when it comes to extra-sauceeey delights. It’s pretty ideal really, considering we’ve all experienced a tomato vs aioli battle with our fry-sharing companion.

Set to open in the very near future, loaded fries just got a whole lot more extra so watch this space friends!

P.S. Remember those ‘Fries Before Guys’ slogan-tees we used to rock? Well it may be time to whip them outta storage—no judgment here! 

The Deets

What: New opening Fry Baby in the CBD
Where: Shop 10, 23 Customs St East, Auckland Central
When: Opening Thursday 7 September, 11am

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