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Fitness Trends We Predict For 2018

By Grace Noles
11th Dec 2017

Fitness Trends We Predict For 2018

Ahhh it’s almost time to create those optimistic New Year resolutions again and, this year, we really want to help you stick to them! If top of your resolutions list is to hit the gym and gain back that fit bod you had before Christmas dinner then here are some fitness trends that we think may just help you out in the New Year. Get cracking!

#1 Workout Raves

Everybody already knows that going out clubbing is one of the most sweat-inducing things ever, so why not use that to your advantage? Good music, maximum mobility, and a couple of workout buddies? Workout raves contain allthe best ingredients of a workout and are probably one of the most fun ways to get fit, fast! Look out for pop-up raves out and about in Auckland and get ready to sweat it up on the dancefloor.

#2 Marathon Training

It seems nowdays everyone is riding the fitness wave, and doing a marathon at least once in your life is a rite of passage for living your best fitspo life. Make 2018 your year and start training for the Auckland Marathon! You’ll up your fitness, beat personal best after personal best, and make yourself damn proud when you cross that finish line.

#3 Backwards Running

Uh yeah, you read that correctly. Backwards running is taking the world by storm and it is exactly what you’re picturing. Research shows that running backwards uses 30% more energy and causes less impact on your knees (because like doesn’t everyone have knee problems? Right?) Steer clear of the treadmill for this one and head to your nearest race track to reap the full benefits of the art of backwards running. 

#4 Dog Yoga

Aucklanders have a very wide obsession with their furry counterparts—take the dog markets, dog sushi stores, and dog fashion shows for example. Dog yoga (or doga) incorporates man’s best friend into the classic yoga poses and buys you and your little pal some extra bonding time! Using your pup for added weight or having him do some child’s pose next to you is all it takes. Warning: We cannot guarantee you won’t get distracted with puppy cuddles during your workout.

#5 Trip Spin Classes

Les Mills introduced their new fitness class “The Trip” and we think they may just be on to something. No one likes a spin class, but these specifically designed ones incorporate digital screens during the exercise and have you riding through glaciers, cliffsides, space age cities, and sunset beaches. You’ll be so amazed by your surroundings you’ll forget how sore you’re already feeling. We are truly living in the digital era!

#6 Crawling

If you’re chasing that eight-pack steel cut core that we’re sure only exists in Hollywood, then you may want to get down and start, well… crawling. Crawling improves core strength, shoulder and hip stability, and is super great for the ol’ glutes! Crawling is not as easy as toddlers make it look, so get out and practice your balance—we’re sure it’ll all be worth the weird looks from strangers.

#7 Barefoot Workouts

We’ve all seen someone take their shoes off at the gym and stressfully thought “What the HELL, is that even allowed?”, but it turns out those mavericks are actually onto something. Apparently working out sans shoes helps you lift heavier, run faster, jump higher and work longer. If you’re willing to risk the bacteria nightmare of a barefoot workout then why not give it a try? We’re sure we’ll be seeing a lot of people shoeless in the gym 2018…

#8 Underwater Training

MMA fighter Conor McGregor made this trend popular in 2017 with his underwater treadmill ‘grams, but we think it is going to really take off in 2018. Forget simple lap training—water resistance training is where it’s at. Building up high performance on the bike or treadmill while in the water is HARD, and it works! You may have to shop around to find somewhere that offers this kind of equipment but we’re sure it’ll be taking off sometime soon.

#9 Trampolining

With all the trampoline parks popping up around the place, it’s a sign that something must be working. Trampolining combines stability, balance and endurance—and it’s pretty freaking fun. It’s great for your glutes and hips so you can make those booty gains, plus it’s low impact so you’re not going to be too sore the next day. Start bouncing your way to your fit new self!

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Image credit: Hayley Williamson

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