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Ice Block Cocktails Are A Thing And Here’s Where To Get Them

By Olivia Atkinson
1st Dec 2016

best ice block cocktails auckland

Summer is coming and things are about to get hot up in hurrr. Soon enough, we’ll be skipping about in flowy dresses, our fave pair of jandals and soaking up the sun’s rays, making the most of the beaut season that is a Kiwi summer. Bring. It. On.

In the foodie world, nothing screams summer like ice blocks. And guess what? We’ve found the next best thing. It’s almost time to get acquainted with ice block cocktails. Uh huh, icy popsicles laced with the likes of rosé and rum. They’re basically ice blocks for adults.

To help you start your addiction, we’ve found three bars to try ice block cocktails in Auckland. Go get ‘em.

The Garden Shed

Mt Eden

Mt Eden’s very own magical garden has jumped on the ice block cocktail trend, whipping up homemade alcy pops just in time for summer! For those partial to a fruity drop will love the Strawberry Mojito Pop made with Stolen silver rum, fresh strawbs, mint and lime, while Dark n’ Stormy loyalists won’t be able to resist the dark rum, fresh lime and ginger beer block. Find a pozzy in The Garden Shed’s stunning courtyard and cool yo’self down.

The Lab


Takapuna is home to some of Auckland’s best beaches, so no doubt you’ll find yourself spending a bit of time there during the toasty months. If you need to quench your thirst, head straight for The Lab. This new kid on the block has a science-y theme going on with cocktails in beakers, test tubes and other unique vessels. Our vote, however, obviously goes to their wine popsicles. We’re talking a house-made peach and vodka ice block submerged in bubbly! Heck yes.

Citizen Park


Citizen Park have just introduced Boozy Pops! These spiked popsicles will go down a treat in their beer garden once summer well and truly hits. Choose between caramelised pineapple, mescal and chilli, whisky with salt caramel and condensed milk, or orange, hibiscus flowers and gin. How amazing do those sound?!

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Image credit: Citizen Park

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