Love Kittens? The SPCA Needs YOU!

By Jasmine Gruber
6th Jun 2018

Love Kittens? The SPCA Needs YOU!

If you’ve always wanted a furry friend, but can’t fully commit, the SPCA have got the purr-fect solution for you!

The SPCA have a shortage of foster parents for their little kittens and this is where you come in! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love kittens? And, what could be better than looking after (mostly staring at their cute little paws) and providing a loving home for them for free?

Fostering is a great way to help out the little kitties that have undergone surgery, are recovering from an illness or just need some down time before adopt. Not only will you get to snuggle up to a kitten for six weeks (who wouldn’t want that?), you’ll also be helping them improve their behaviour for when they are adopted. The cost to foster a kitten is free (how cool is that?) The SPCA provides everything, such as medicine, vet and food costs, as well and toys and bedding— all you need to do is make time and have a loving heart!

Fostering a kitten opens up doors for a second chance as the fostering process is the first step before adoption, which will give the kitten the opportunity to find a loving family and home for good (yay!). If you’re paw-sitive that this is something you’d love, hit up your local SPCA centre to find out more details.


What: Fostering kittens

Where: SPCA

When: Now

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