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Six Totally Healthy Protein Snacks You Can Take Anywhere

By Georgia Jayne Young
12th Dec 2017

Six Totally Healthy Protein Snacks You Can Take Anywhere

With summer on the way we’re starting to get a little more health conscious and one way to make this just that little bit easier is to make sure you are fully equipped with healthy snacks when you are out and about to make sure you don’t reach for a not-so-nourishing snack when you start to feel the hanger coming on. We love high protein snacks for keeping us fuller for longer and getting us one step closer to our body goals.

Boiled Egg

Ahhh, the humble boiled egg, so quick and easy and it even comes in its very own portable container aka the shell. Simply boil up few on a Sunday night and keep them in the fridge ready for your on-the-go snacking needs all week long! 


Hummus is packed with protein and perfect for snacking any time of the day—not to mention tasty af! Whether you make your own or grab a pot of Lisa’s, hummus is another perf healthy snacking option. Just pair with a few veggie sticks or rice crackers and you’re good to go. 

Protein Shake

Probably the easiest high protein snack to take anywhere, simply throw a serving into your shaker and pop in your bag. A protein shake is perfect for on-the-go snacking as you don’t need to refrigerate—just add water when you’re ready to get snacking! Pro tip: make sure you’re avoiding any of the cheap powders packed with artificial sweeteners.

Protein Balls

We’re pretty sure you’ve picked up on this, but bars are out and balls are in and if you haven’t gotten on the protein/bliss ball bandwagon yet you need to, asap. Super easy, affordable, healthy and they are literally everywhere nowadays, making it super easy to make a healthy choice when you are out and about.


Nuts are basically the O.G. of the high-protein-take-anywhere snack world. We love them because they are crazy healthy, convenient and of course high protein—duh. Try almonds and pistachios over walnuts/cashews/pecans for more of a protein boost that will keep your energy level sustained for longer. 

Clean Paleo Biltong

Unfortunately not all biltong (jerky) is created equal. Nope, a lot of brands pump their products full of sugar, preservatives and other artificial stuff that we just don’t need if we are getting on that healthy grind. However, Clean Paleo’s Biltongs ingredients are on point so we are totally loving this high protein snack at the moment. 

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