We Predict 2017’s Hottest Exercise Trends

By Tennille Ziegler
9th Jan 2017

We Predict 2017’s Hottest Exercise Trends

New year, new trends...especially when it comes to exercise. And, we don’t mind, because we’re always up for a new ways to stay fit and healthy. Thankfully, crunning seems to have fallen into the abyss (why was it even a thing??!) as new fitness trends come to the fore.

Here are our predictions of how you’ll be getting fit this year!

EMS Training

Why exercise for hours at a time when you can get fit in just 20 minutes a week? Seriously. EMS (Electro-Muscle Stimulation) Training, Europe’s latest fitness craze has come to Auckland thanks to the team at fu/nis. Using hi-tech gear, EMS uses low frequency electric pulses that relax and contract your muscles while you (slowly!) squat, lunge and do other functional exercises for 20 minutes. While 20 mins will go by in no time, you get the equivalent of a 60-to-90-minute gym workout!  We think it'll be one of the biggest trends of 2017.


Since seeing the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, fans have been stalking the Hadid sisters’ workout plans. And, there’s no denying that Gigi is a huge advocate of boxing, along with all the other VS models. We know that boxing itself has been around for years, but we’re predicting that in 2017 it will have its 15-minutes of fame. The workout is claimed to give you a six-pack, toned legs and butt, and you can say goodbye to chicken wing arms. We won’t say no to that!

F45 Training

F45 training is going to be big and you heard it here first! F stands for functional and 45 is the time your workout will take. Originally from Australia, the workout cult has hit New Zealand and combines functional, group training in a series of 10 different circuits.

LIT AKA Low Intensity Training

Say goodbye to high intensity training, and hello to low intensity training, otherwise known as LIT. Instead of sweating it out and pushing your body to its limits, you can feel the benefits in a low-impact training session. Hailing from LA, the workout combines Pilates and barre with the intensity of a boot camp. Sound interesting? We think so! Let’s hope it comes to a studio near us soon…

Social Sweats

We think 2017 is the year to find a workout buddy and with a bunch of organisations hosting group sweat sessions, we can tell it’s going to be popular. The likes of  lululemon’s Workout Wednesday’s, Nike Training Club and the Adidas Run Club have already popped up in Auckland. There’s also the  I.AM app which allows you to find a workout partner and Yoga & Social, which brings  like-minded yoga peeps together.

Workout Raves

Remember the hay-days of going to a rave, and feeling three kg's lighter the next day due to lack of food and dehydration or the amount of dancing? This new workout is going for the latter—instead of listening to some boring playlist through your headphones, you can sweat it out to a workout rave. There’s currently one making waves in NYC that’s yet to reach New Zealand on a full time basis—but keep your eye out across the events in Auckland, because there has already been a few pop up workout rave events.


If the workout rave really lit your fire, then Retrosweat will have you jumping out of your seat with excitement. Do you remember the ‘80s videos of guys and girls wearing fluoro leotards, bike shorts and leg warmers? Well, if you don’t, then check out this video. Yep, that’s right, Retrosweat is all about bringing it back to the 80s. Originating in Australia, we’re going to start a petition to bring it to NZ.


We’ve seen yoga making waves amongst the women in our lives, but we’re yet to see broga take to the fitness scene full throttle. If you don’t know what broga is, it’s the bro’s doing yoga—yep more men please!


People love to post on social media how bendy they are and how good they are handstands, headstands, shoulder stands—the lot. But, we predict that die-hard yogi’s are going to fight back in 2017 and claim that you can’t be a true yogi unless you meditate. We expect to see lots of ‘grams of people sitting in silence and claiming to meditate. If you want to get into it yourself, start with the 1 Giant Mind meditation app.

TRX Training

We’re predicting that 2017 is going to take the focus off the weights (note: crossfit kings and queens) and instead look at a new way of training. And with this, we’ll see the rise of TRX training studios. TRX uses suspension ropes that are fixed to a wall or bar. You then use gravity and bodyweight to perform different muscle-burning movements.There are already a few noteworthy classes around, from Deedy Studio, Habitat For Fitness, and Les Mills.

Exercise Tech And Workout Apps

Time is valuable and time is also short. With no time to get to the gym, exercise technology and workout apps are on the rise. This means you can fit a workout in using a 15-minute workout on your app, or you can take that lunchtime stroll and count your steps on your Fitbit. 

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