Wearable Ice Cream Now Exists And We Can’t Even

By Yvonne Lam
11th Jul 2018

giapo wearable ice cream

Giapo has done it again. The mad scientists of gelato, responsible for mind-popping creations (like that 3D-chocolate-printed giant octopus cone and the hot cross bun cone), are no longer content with making ice-cream you can eat. They want you to wear it. 

Yes, you read that correctly! Wave hello to the Giapo ice cream ring. It’s a waffle cone cut in half, so that the top half of the cone fits snuggly on your finger tip, with a baby scoop of gelato on top. It’s like….a delicious finger puppet. 

But what about the bottom half of the cone, you ask? No wastage here, my friends. The pointy bit of the cone is sealed inside your ice cream ring, glued snugly with melted chocolate. 

Here at The Urban List, we’re mad about multi-tasking. If you can be fabulously accessorised while also slamming down an icy dessert treat, you win our Human Of The Year Award. 

Move over Burger Rings, there’s a new foodstuff you can novelty-eat from your finger tips. 

And FYI, this is where to drink all the best mulled wine in Auckland.

Image credit: Supplied

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