What To Wear To The Office In Spring

By Tennille Ziegler
3rd Nov 2016

What To Wear To The Office In Spring

As the windows start to open and colleagues bask in the sunshine that beams through the office, you sit there, a sweaty mess in your long sleeve shirt and pants. Sound familiar? While spring and summer are the best months for weather in Auckland (and the best months for weekend adventures) they often beg the question: what the heck am I supposed to wear?

You yell at your wardrobe and pull out a million things onto the ground in utter despair. Yep, we get ya.

Never fear, that’s where we come in! We’ve got the best items to pull together for your spring (and summer) work wardrobe.

Loose Pants

There’s nothing worse than tightly fitted pants when you start to overheat. Lucky for you, flares and relaxed pants are on trend. Opt for a loose-fitted pant like this pair from Kate Sylvester. You’ll thank us later when you feel the wind breeze through your pants.

Flat Sandals

It’s always a bit tricky when the weather warms up to be convinced to get out of your winter boots and into, what? Yeah exactly, what the heck do you wear on your feet? We’ve got the answer! Start slipping your feet into some flat sandals this season. If you need inspo, we’re digging these ones from Mi Piaci.

Over-sized collared shirt

Collared shirts are awesome, so get an oversized one so you can be comfortable. They’re breezy, look professional and you don’t need to stress about sweat patches. Bonus points if it’s linen.

Linen blazer

Speaking of linen, in case you didn’t know, it’s THE fabric to wear in summer. It stops you sweating and it actually gets better the more you wear it in. Say goodbye to ironing. Hunt around for a linen blazer, and once you get your hands on one, never let it go.

Midi Skirt

Midi skirts are great for the current weather in mind, they give you room to move and let a little breeze in. Best thing is they’re long enough so you don’t need to worry about hemlines getting a bit inappropriate.

Slip Dress

Since Pyjama dressing is now a thing, slip dresses are at the top of our wish list. They basically feel like you’ve just rolled out of bed and you get to wear it at work! Choose from a silk slinky number, or a more relaxed shift style.

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Image credit: The Urban List Perth

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