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Here’s Where To Go For A Digital Detox

By Albert Cho
10th Aug 2018

Where To Go Around Auckland For A Digital Detox

Don’t get us wrong, we are all about getting the ultimate 'gram and staying in the loop by constantly checking other people’s Insta-stories. But sometimes, we all need a bit of a break. Even if it’s just for a couple of hours, maybe even a few days, weeks or months a digital detox is a must!

It’s your chance to unplug, get away from the screens and stay in the moment.

Here’s a list on where to go around Auckland for a digital detox.


JuJust five minutes away from central Takapuna is Lake Pupuke, a quaint spot near the Pumphouse Theatre. With a huge, hilly prairie and trees acting as shade, it’s the perfect spot to lay out a blanket and read a good book. We actually have a list of our favourite books that will change the way you think so get amongst it! If reading isn’t your thing, don’t you worry as just being in this stunning space is enough to get you feeling detoxified. Soak in the serene Lake Pupuke, and allow the calm waters to sooth your soul.

Matakana Village


If you want to take a long drive away from the hustle and bustle, venture out for an hour drive and soak in the small town vibes of Matakana. With a ton of specialty shops and walking trails, you won’t struggle to find something to do! Every Saturday they hold a farmers’ market which includes a wide selection of food stalls, local bake sales and bouquets of flowers which are cheap as chips! If you’re wanting to op for something a little more low-key, head on over to the Brick Bay Sculpture Trail for a gentle stroll.

Musick Point


Take a step back and get a panoramic view of Waiheke, Rangitoto and Auckland city at Musick Point in Howick. Situated near Howick Golf Club at the end point of Bucklands Beach you’ll find this quiet and peaceful spot that is highly secluded and will make you feel as though you’re on a retreat. The only challenge you’ll find at this spot is the fact that you can’t get your phone out to document this gem. Maybe just take a film camera, it doesn’t come in the way of the detox if it’s not digital, am I right?!

Coffee Pen

Eden Terrace

If you’re just looking for a break that’s short and sweet, head to a little gem tucked away in Eden Terrace,  Coffee Pen. Serving specialty coffee and quality homemade meals and treats, it’s the ideal spot for a tea break. The owners, Yas and Fumi, are always happy to pull up a chair and share a conversation with you, so switch off your phones and get to know them! Leaving Coffee Pen without a bite from their cabinet would be a crime. Their chocolate log is the richest, most indulgent chocolate bar and, if you’re lucky enough, they’ll have their special banoffee pie in their fridge just calling your name.

Puhoi River


When we say Puhoi, you probably think cheese. They sure do treat Aucklanders to some damn tasty double cream camembert but nearby is the tranquil  Puhoi River. But don’t just walk along the banks—here, you can hire a kayak and get amongst the beauty. Paddle away your thoughts and just take in all the marvelousness Puhoi has to offer. From historic buildings to trees framing your water tour, you’ll find all of your cares and worries being washed away. 

Karaka Bay


Take a small trek down Peacock St in Glendowie and you’ll find yourself at this hidden gem, Karaka Bay. To be completely honest, the trek isn’t something we’d classify as easy. It’s a hilly path and chances of your leg muscles burning by the end of it are high. But once you finally reach the stunning Karaka Bay, it’s all worth it. This highly secluded beach catches the cool breeze and the high tides, making it perfect for a quick dip. Just remember to pack that sunblock and picnic so that you’re there for a fair whack of time—that walk back is not something you can avoid!

Stanley Bay Wharf


This Victorian-esque ‘burb is no stranger to the wharf! Chances are, you’ve spent a summer or two jumping off one of them over and over again. Stanley Bay Wharf is located deep down Calliope Road so it’s more secluded than the central parts of Devo. Walkto the end of the wharf and enjoy the view of Auckland City while breathing in the crisp breeze that Stanley Bay catches. If the tides are high enough and you’re not alone, take a leap into the water!

Manukau Heads Lighthouse

Manukau Heads

There’s something about going on a retreat to a secluded lighthouse that seems like what people might do in the movies. Well, Aucklanders can do the same at Manukau Heads Lighthouse - one of the very few in our region that allows you to go inside and on to the viewers’ balcony! The panorama from the top is spectacular, a turquoise blue ocean that never seems to end, you’ll never want to leave! The drive to the lighthouse is also nothing short of scenic as it takes you through a mysterious little forest with lush greenery.

The Civic Theatre

Auckland CBD

Sometimes a digital detox isn’t always about spending time alone in a secluded location! Treat yourself to one of the many shows that play in Auckland’s iconic Civic Theatre. Some of the top acts from all around the world put on stellar performances, including Wicked, Matilda, Mamma Mia and more! Switching your phone off is a rule so obey it, sit back and take in every moment that’s in front of you and stay in the moment!

The Classic

Auckland CBD

If neither musicals nor isolation are your thing, head on over to The Classic and let time pass as you chuckle your way through the night. Take a break from the memes you come across online and appreciate humour in its raw form from the acts at this laughing hub of Auckland. With a long list of performers, there’s something for everyone at The Classic so hop on it! Instead of tagging your friends in the comments, take them with you and laugh away.

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Image Credit: Chris McLennan 

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