The Wintergardens’ Nursery Is Getting A Modern Makeover!

By Albert Cho
31st Jul 2018

Wintergardens Nursery Is Getting A Modern Makeover!

Just when we thought the Wintergardens couldn’t get any better, the Auckland Council has announced that the Wintergardens nursery is in for a modern makeover!

The nursery is responsible for growing up to 20,000 plants a year for the iconic Wintergardens located at the Auckland Domain. Without this nursery, our floral aesthetic game on our Instagram feed would be non-existent! To keep this from happening, the nursery will be getting a brand new fit out with modern technology so they can carry on growing rare floral species and have the Auckland Domain staying beautiful.

The added gas heating, atmospheric controls and water recycling systems mean that MORE plants can be grown to deck out the Auckland Domain. Get your cameras ready as flower power is about to get stronger than ever.

As the oldest nursery in Auckland, it was important for the people behind the iconic Wintergardens to preserve their heritage and history. Not all buildings will be demolished and the buildings that are  reworked will still have many of its original features. The makeover is is expected to take around a year and the current nursery is being relocated to its temporary home on Kari Street, Grafton. 

The Deets

What: Wintergarden Nursery Modern Makeover

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Image Credit: Marilynn McLachlan

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