11 Of Perth’s Best First Date Spots

By Anna Franklyn - 22 Oct 2016

Best First Date Spots In Perth

First dates are weird things. They’re exciting and nerve-wracking and awkward all at the same time and, thanks to Tinder, they’re happening left right and centre all across Perth.

The key to an unforgettable first date, IMHO, is to keep it fairly casual—no one needs the pressure of fine dining on a first date—and if you can find somewhere to go for a drink and can stay for dinner if all goes well, then bonus points for you!

So to help take some of the pain out of first dates and to make sure you impress the pants off them right off the bat, here are 11 of Perth’s best first date spots.

The Standard


Find a seat in the courtyard, grab an Aperol spritz or a raspberry G&T and do your best to get that conversation flowing. Time always seems to pass by quickly at The Standard and you’ll feel like you’ve known the person forever in no time at all.

The Mantle


The vibe at The Mantle is so good that it’s the perfect spot for just about any occasion—first dates included. Pay the fine people at Alter Ego a visit for a cocktail or two, then take a seat at Don Tapa or Magna Pizza for dinner. You’re basically guaranteed a second date.


North Fremantle

If you want to get things off to a good start, Coast is the place to go. It’s nice and new so your date will be suitably impressed with your knowledge of the Perth dining scene, plus you’ll get a killer view of the beach, great drinks and some delicious food to boot.

Il Lido


Stellar wine list, amazing views and some of the best nosh in Perth, Il Lido is always a winner, but especially for a lunch date. Join a long table if you’re going for a relaxed vibe, or grab one of the smaller high tables for something a little more intimate and afterwards you can go for a little beach walk and try to score yourself a kiss.

Lucky Chan’s Laundry + Noodle Bar


If you’re pretty certain this date is dinner material, Lucky Chan’s is a top spot. Ask for a seat on the rooftop, order a cocktail and then work your way through their famous bao.

Bob’s Bar


Play it cool and start with a late afternoon drink at Bob’s Bar upstairs so you can soak up the last of the sunshine. Weather your date is into beer, wine or cocktails they’ll be able to find something they love here! If all is going well you can just casually suggest getting a bite to eat at the oh-so conveniently located Apple Daily just downstairs.

Mechanics Institute


Mechanics is super laid back and always has awesome beats playing, making it the perfect place to meet for a drink. If you want to keep the date moving along you can order burgers from Flipside or go for a romantic stroll through Northbridge to find somewhere to eat.

El Publico

Mount Lawley

Margaritas and mezcal are the way to everyone’s heart, so El Publico is an easy choice for a first date. It’s nice and dark, let’s call it mood lighting, and it’s always buzzing so even if the conversation sucks, you’ll still have a pretty decent night!

The Juanita’s X Lady Of Ro Combo


A drink at Juanita’s followed by dinner at Lady of Ro is perhaps the most perfect laid back first date. The giant glasses of wine at Juanita’s will help get rid of those first date nerves, and the food at Lady of Ro is sure to get you a second date.

No Mafia


No Mafia is pretty low key and I’m always delighted with anyone who suggests it for dinner, no matter whether it’s a friend or a potential date. The wine list is one of the best and the small plates are perfect to share.

Isle Of Voyage


Isle of Voyage is a top choice if you really want to impress. With some ridic views of Perth, a killer drinks menu and phenomenal eats, anyone would be a fool to turn you down if you suggested a date here!

Want more great date spots? Find them in the directory.

The Standard | Image credit: Louise Coghill

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