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11 Things To Do In Perth For Out-Of-Towners

By Kirsty Petrides
24th Oct 2016

Best Picnic Spots Perth

Summer is here, guys. Which means Perth is a tad busier (but never hugely busy, let’s be honest) with all the interstate and overseas visitors keen to see our sunny city, our white sand beaches and our colourful sunsets.

However, with the joy of having friends and family come to visit, also comes the responsibility of having to entertain them. You know, come up with a list of things for them to do, sights to see and activities to busy their days with.

Luckily for you, we’ve done the hard work for you. Yes that’s right, we’ve compiled a list of the best things for out-of-towners to do in our fair city of Perth. You’re welcome. Consider it an early Christmas present.

Get Fish And Chips At Cottesloe

Obviously, if you’re coming all the way to Perth you’re going to want to see some beach. And what better beach than good old Cottesloe Beach, the jewel in the crown of Perth’s coastline. Grab some fish and chips from Amberjack’s, sit on the grassy nook and take in all that white sand and turquoise water splendour (just make sure you give your visitors the hot tip that they will need to be sporting designer swimwear to blend in with the locals).

Jog Along Elizabeth Quay And Have Brekky At Island Brewhouse

If your visitors enjoy spending time in their #activewear, suggest they go for a morning job along Riverside Drive and through the speccy new Elizabeth Quay. Then to reward themselves for their hard work, have a tasty breakfast with a view at Island Brewhouse. They could also just go straight to breakfast in their active wear—it’s the same thing.

Swim And Kebabs At Scarborough Beach

If your visitors aren’t perturbed by the images of sharks that will be splashed across the front page of our newspaper every damn day this summer, they might like to go for a dip at one of our most famous beaches—Scarborough. Post-swim, they can wander across the road to Peter’s By the Sea for a tasty lunchtime kebab at this Perth institution. If they are too scared for a swim, promptly inform them that statistically, they are far more likely to get hit by a car crossing the road to get kebabs than they are to get attacked by a shark. People love statistics when they’re on holiday.

Go To Little Creatures Brewery

Because it's basically illegal to have out-of-towners visit and not take them to Little Creatures. And beer. That is all.

Do Some Rooftop Yoga

One of the benefits (actually, the only benefit) of not having daylight saving is that it’s exceptionally bright and sunny at 5am in the morning. Which makes it much easier to get out of bed and down to Rooftop Yoga in Northbridge. A magic way for your visitors to start their day, and then they can head back down to ground level Northbridge for some breakfast at Babooshka.

Cycle Around Rottnest

If your visitors are super cashed up and can afford the one million dollars it costs to get a ferry to Rotto, tell them to hire some bikes and go for a ride around the island. Stop for a swim at Geordie Bay, a snorkel at The Basin, and for some lunch and beers somewhere picturesque. Travellers tip: if they want to recoup the costs of the ferry ride, they could pack lunch and beers before departure and enjoy an island picnic lunch.

Get On Ya Bike In The Swan Valley

If you’re visitors are down for a biking adventure, direct them to the Swan Valley. They can jump on the train to Guildford train station, grab a Swan Valley food and wine cycle map, and start their wine-tasting adventure. If they need a time out, they can get some snacks from Mandoon and enjoy a picnic on their grassed area to rest those weary legs.

A Morning Coastal Stroll In North Beach Then Coffee At Yelo

The beauty of being on holiday in another city is that you don’t have to go to work like everyone else there, so can avoid peak busy times at cafes and restaurants. Which means your visitors may actually be able to snag themselves a table at Yelo for a smoothie, juice, delicious healthy treat or just a cup of some of Perth’s best coffee. Throw in a walk along West Coast Highway as well, and you’ve got yourself a tip top morning.

Go On A Northbridge Pub Crawl

Northbridge has just got it goin’ on these days, and your visitors should definitely get around it in a big way. Give them a list of a few great bars to make their way to one evening, for example—start off with an a Aperol Spritz at The Standard, followed by a cocktail at Pleased to Meet You, then some Tuscan wine and antipasto at No Mafia, followed by rooftop drinks and burgers at Mechanics Institute. And if they’re real party animals, finish off the night at Joe’s Juice Joint.

Watch The Sunset At The South Beach Sunset Markets In Fremantle

When the warm weather really kicks in, the South Beach Sunset Markets come to life every Saturday night in South Fremantle. Dozens upon dozens of food trucks and stalls all serving delicious cuisine from all over the world, which your visitors can take back to their picnic rug and BYO bevvies, listen to the live acoustic music and enjoy that perfect Perth sunset.

Go For A Social Run With Perth Run Collective

If your out-of-towners want to make some friends while they’re visiting, tell them to drop in to Perth Run Collective for a social group run. They can choose from the Tuesday at 5:45pm session in the city (and afterwards, why not have dinner at Alfred’s Pizzeria?), Thursday at 5:45 in Claremont (then grab some Vietnamese from Mama Tran) or Sunday at 8am at Trigg Beach (breakfast afterwards at Tropico, anyone?)

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Cottesloe Beach | Image credit: Louise Coghill

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