12 Of The Best Bloody Marys In Perth

By Anna Franklyn
11th Sep 2016

Best Bloody Marys In Perth

I don’t know if it’s the kick of spice or the fact that it’s socially acceptable to drink these in the morning, but I bloody love a good bloody mary. And to those people who turn their noses up at bloody marys because they don’t like tomato juice, you’re wrong and I don’t want to be friends with you.

So to my remaining friends, here’s where to find a great bloody mary in Perth.

Mechanic’s Institute


The bloody marys at Mechanic’s Institute are topped with a tiny burger so they are basically the best drink ever invented. And not just any old burger, it’s a slider from Flipside so it’s a dang good burger. There are a few other garnishes but I can’t remember what they are because did you hear when I said there’s a burger on top. The actual bloody mary tastes pretty delicious too by the way.

The Shorehouse


When a restaurant has a whole section on their menu dedicated to bloody marys you have to order one, it’s the rules. Of course, The Shorehouse has traditional bloody marys with vodka but why not go a bit crazy and get a bacon washed bourbon smoked BBQ mary, or my personal favourite, the bloody maria made with tequila and habanero vinegar for a good kick of spice. If you’re a true spice fiend, there’s the ridiculously spicy howling mary made with jalapeno infused vodka. 

Il Lido


Il Lido also does a bloody maria but theirs is with vodka, fresh tomato juice and their secret blend of spices. With just the right amount of kick, this will wake you up just as quickly as a dip in the ocean would.

Meat Candy


The crew at Meat Candy smoke their own tomato juice to make their bloody marys and then serve them in a cocktail pitcher which you could share with friends, or you could drink on your own…  

The Guildford Hotel


On Sundays, The Guildford Hotel whip out a heap of bloody marys with a bloody good slider on top to help you recover from Saturday night and kick on.

Odyssea Beach Cafe

City Beach

Odyssea is serving up bloody Ceasars with clamato juice instead of tomato juice. This sounds disgusting but really just makes your morning cocktail extra salty and delicious.

Market Grounds


If you want a bloody Mary with a difference, check our Market Grounds' take on this delightful cocktail—the bloody beetroot. With smoked vodka, beetroot juice, mascarpone, lemon and Tobasco, this is sure to put a spring in your step.

Mary Street Bakery

Highgate and West Leederville

Mary Street Bakery rocks a delicious bloody mary which goes a treat with their fried chicken and buttermilk pancakes. It’s spiced just right and might just be my favourite way to kick off a Sunday.

Mount Street Breakfast Bar


Mount Street’s bloody mary has gotta be the cheapest in town at only $8 and it’s still one of the best. It doesn’t have a heap of fancy garnishes but it doesn’t need them because this cocktail speaks for itself.

Cantina 663

Mount Lawley

Cantina is one of my favourite spots for a breakfast cocktail, partly because they don’t judge when you order an espresso martini pre-10am but also because their bloody marys are the bomb.

Sayers Sister


Sayers Sister is all about the MYO bloody mary. They’ll give you each ingredient separately on a cute little board and let you do the mixing to get it just the way you like it. Thanks guys.

Shadow Wine Bar


A bloody mary and a bloody mary oyster, now we’re talking. Shadow does boozy brunches just the way we like them!

If you think you're up for it, find out How To Make A Profesh-Looking Bloody Mary At Home.

Mechanic's Institute | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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