14 Of Perth’s Best Halloumi Dishes

By Kirsty Petrides
24th Oct 2016

Here at The Urban List, we try not to discriminate with food. We think everything is special in its own unique way, and we try to maintain that no one type of food is inherently better than another.

Unless of course, we are talking about cheese. Because the best type of cheese is obviously halloumi.

I don’t care what you think about your Italian parmesans, your Buffalo mozzerellas or your French camemberts; halloumi—the jewel in Cyprus’ crown—is the most superior of all the cheeses. You can fry it, bake it or grill it, you can eat it sweet or savoury, you can have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can make it fancy or keep it low key.

The options are endless, but one thing is for certain—it will make you very happy.

So in tribute to the best cheese ever invented, here are 14 of Perth’s best halloumi dishes.

Pantzarosalata | Brika


Brika offers a little slice of the mediterranean right in the heart of Northbridge, and the pantzarosalata is probably the best ‘salad’ you’ll ever feast on. Grilled halloumi mixed with roasted beetroot, candied walnuts and topped with whipped feta. Yes, double cheese = result.

Potato Stack | The Shipping Lane


If you’re down for halloumi first thing in the morning (which you should be) head to The Shipping Lane for their potato stack brekky option. The delicious halloumi sits atop the stack of potato, alongside smashed avocado, pumpkin, field mushrooms and mint sour cream.

Guacaloumi Burger & Haloumi Bites | V Burger Bar

Victoria Park

What do you get when you cross haloumi with guacamole? Heaven, that’s what. The guacaloumi burger at V Burger Bar involves grilled halloumi, mushrooms and avocado guacamole, finished with fresh salad and house-made aioli. Not enough halloumi? Order a side of the halloumi Bites—crumbed halloumi fingers with pickled chilli relish.

Toasted Pita | Estia


We told you halloumi was a versatile cheese, but if you don’t believe us, go order the toasted pita from the breakfast menu at Estia. Tomato, cucumber, olives, halloumi and fig compote, all wrapped up in toasted pita bread.

Halloumi | Filos & Yiros


While it is kind of part of Brika, we think Filos & Yiros deserves its own very special mention our Perth’s best halloumi list. Why? Because it’s darn sensational. Do yourself a favour and order a side of their grilled halloumi with your yiros.

Halloumi Bruschetta | The Cool Room


The only way you could make bruschetta better is by adding halloumi to it. The halloumi bruschetta at The Cool Room involves crusty bread, juicy tomatoes and greens topped with grilled halloumi.

Halloumi | Lady Of Ro


If you ever visit gem of a restaurant, Lady of Ro, you have to make sure you do two things. Firstly, make sure you get a pile of plates— or ‘mezethes’—to share and secondly, make sure the grilled halloumi is part of it. You can thank us later.

Halloumi And Tomato Salad | Theo & Co Pizzeria

Victoria Park

You always feel a bit healthier and better about yourself when you order a side salad with your pizza, don’t you? So get this salad next time you visit Theo & Co—grilled halloumi on top of a bed of cherry tomatoes and greens, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic glaze.

Mushroom And Halloumi Pizza | Bad Apples Bar


Why doesn’t everyone put halloumi on their pizzas? Because not everyone is as clever as the people at Bad Apples, apparently, who boast a tasty pizza topped with mushroom, halloumi, spinach and horseradish.

Holy Garden Bagel | Satchmo Cafe

North Perth

We think this is a fitting name for Satchmo’s delicious bagel, because it contains everything that is holy. Fried halloumi, roasted pumpkin, wilted kale and ranch dressing all encased in a fresh bagel.

Sweet Rosti Halloumi | Sixteen Ounces

Victoria Park

Sixteen Ounces dish up a delightful brekky dish with halloumi as the main star. A sweet potato rosti, topped with grilled halloumi and served with a rocket and cherry tomato salad.

Fried Halloumi | Bivouac


The grazing menu at Bivouac is impressive, and makes it very hard to choose what delectable plates to share with your dinner mates. But you can’t go past the fried halloumi, drizzled with a spicy middle eastern barbeque sauce.

Halloumi Burger | The Little Bird Cafe


Little Bird makes everything look and sound so beautifully healthy, you’ll have zero regrets tucking in to their halloumi burger. Grilled halloumi topped with onion jam, harissa mayo and oven roasted tomatoes. Yum.

Mexi-Can | May Street Larder

East Fremantle

The team at May Street Larder have put a Mexican spin on halloumi, dishing up this tasty brekky item. A baked tostada served with beans, avocado, poached eggs and green salsa, topped with halloumi. Nom nom nom.

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Filos & Yiros | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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