48 Thoughts You Had While Watching The Bachelorette Finale

By Sophie Colvin
28th Oct 2016

Bachelorette finale

It's over for another year and we look forward to a Matty J Bachelor next year. We're slightly ambivalent about this result, (no Alex Nation level hatred) mostly because they were both just so dateable. 

For all it's bland result, Channel 10's editing and production (and Georgia's sister) had us throwing popcorn and getting far too emotionally invested. How many of these thoughts did you have while tuning in last night? 

  1. Does Osh just choose where he’s been wanting to go on holidays, and then that is where the finales are filmed?
  2. Did we really need a seven-minute re-cap of all of Lee and Matty’s dates.
  3. Are Katie and Georgia actually related?
  4. Big ups to Georgia’s tech-savvy mum.
  5. Katie’s a stone-cold boyfriend hater.
  6. Is Katie jealous?
  7. Who let Katie loose with the lippy?
  8. There’s no way Katie’s lips are actually that shape.
  9. Katie’s LOVING being on national television
  10. Matty, mate. Let's be real, you’re not moving to Melbourne.
  11. Melbourne. Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne.
  12. Lee’s shirt is a good two sizes too small.
  13. And we love it.
  14. Undo another button, Lee.
  15. Bold no-sock move, Lee.
  16. Lee wants to show Georgia’s family how crazy he is about her. Georgia’s sister wanted to show how crazy she is. Full stop.
  17. Mechanical plumber? Let's be real, Lee. You’re a plumber.
  18. Melbourne. Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne
  19. What the heck does Katie want? The guy to give her dodgy answers?
  20. Katie’s Jealous. 
  21. I’m having a hard time believing Lee when he say’s he’s not a confident guy.
  22. I assume Katie is a school-teacher with high headmistress aspirations?
  23. That post-meeting conversation with Georgia’s family was the single most frustrating thing we’ve seen this season.
  24. Georgia says something doesn’t feel right – yeah, it’s that Katie is your sister.
  25. Just answer the freaking question, Katie.
  26. Anyone else want to strangle Katie?
  27. Katie thinks Lee is too smooth. I’m guessing it’s because she’s never experienced a smooth guy in her life.
  28. The family doesn’t agree!! YASSSS
  29.  I feel like it was cruel of Georgia to take Matty to do the love bell thing. It feels like it’s some kind of eternal love thing, and she obviously already knows who’s going to win.
  30.  Does Matty practice these monologues in the mirror?
  31. A tri-shaw? Things are dire at Channel 10.
  32. Anyone would think neither Georgia or Lee have seen laser lights before.
  33. Why does Georgie sound so surprised that they have the pool to themselves?!
  34. Get ya shirt off, Lee!
  35. Show us ya abs, Lee!
  36. Is it a coincidence that both guys dropped the L bomb while in a pool?!
  37. Does anyone else think Lee has really similar facial expressions to Ian Thorpe?!
  38. What have they done to Georgia’s hair? It looks like she’s got an elastic band mark?
  39. That dress makes Georgia look chunkier than she is.
  40. Matty’s reaction to being given the boot is the most visceral, real thing we’ve seen on TV this year.
  41. I didn’t cry in the Notebook OR The Fault In Our Stars, but Matty is legit making me tear up a bit.
  42. “Bye Georgia Love” Is going down as one of the saddest lines of all time.
  43. I can’t decide if Georgia has actually known the result all along, a la Sam Frost, or whether she has legit decided an hour or two before the final ceremony?
  44. Lee is wearing exactly the same thing as Matty. Did Channel 10 recycle the outfit?!
  45. Why are Georgia and Lee both so breathy? It sounds like the want to to go and jump each other right now.
  46. So much love
  47. So much tongue
  48. Someone introduce Matty to Nikki already.
  49. Can you imagine how well Matty’s going to do at Spring Racing this year? 

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