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50 Things To Do In Perth This Winter

By Tessa Gallagher - 29 May 2016

Even though we’re shaking our fists at every cold and rainy day, we’ll admit that winter in Perth does have its own charms. It’s also the perfect excuse for eating and drinking more than usual right?  

So whether you’re living in your Uggs or giving your winter boots a workout, here are 50 things to do in Perth this winter that’ll (almost) distract you from missing summer.

  1. Enjoy a steamy pot of chai or a hot chocolate at one of these spots.
  2. It’s pie weather! Eat a pie godammit!
  3. Dance like no-one is watching at No Lights No Lycra.
  4. It's cosy bar weather! Get yourself to one of these bad boys stat.
  5. Get your gob around The Broastie!
  6. Get outta town! Broome is always a good option at this time of year.
  7. Who needs mittens when you can hug a big bowl of pho at one of these spots!
  8. Go check out a hood you haven’t visited in a while! May we suggest Bayswater, East Freo or Mount Hawthorn?
  9. Get stuck into one of these meals to warm you up this winter. Yummm.
  10. Start telling anyone who will listen that the rain is good for the farmers.
  11. Go see Canada and USA battle it out in an ice hockey match at Perth Arena—and have a drink here beforehand!
  12. Treat yourself to a cosy jumper that you’ll live in all winter. You can find 8 of our faves here.
  13. Get your hike on and tick off one of these amazing Perth walks.
  14. Get your jazz on at Perth’s International Jazz Festival, where you can see more than 50 amazing performances in spots all over town.
  15. Check out one of Perth’s hidden gems.
  16. Organise a bar crawl—take your pick from one of these 50 Perth bars you should have been to!
  17. Enjoy the fact it’s not bikini season and get stuck into one of Perth’s best fat feeds.
  18. Then work it off at a hot yoga class. Mmmm warmth!
  19. Delve into the cocktail list at Laneway Lounge.
  20. Catch a flick here when the weather is crappy.
  21. Get your wine on at the City Wine Festival, where you can get stuck into WA’s finest wine and wash it down with some tasty tapas and live music.
  22. Eat your way through our list of Perth’s best burgers (the 2016 edition!)
  23. Volunteer to get hypnotised (or laugh your head off watching other people get hypnotised) at Matt Hale's comedy hypnosis show.
  24. Try delicious whiskey and yummy pizza by the slice at this new small bar in the CBD.  
  25. Whet your appetite with The Honeycake’s famous honey cake…then have a wander round the State Buildings while you’re there!
  26. Go on a road trip to Manjimup for this year’s Truffle Kerfuffle—a weekend-long celebration of truffle season.
  27. Take an insta on a sunny winters day and make all of your non-Perth friends jealous #westisbest #blessed #thisisperthwinter
  28. Tis the season for carbs! hit up one (or all 10!) of Perth's best bakeries.
  29. Indulge in one of these Perth winter wellness treatments. You deserve it!
  30. Have an awesome Perth staycation here, here or here!
  31. Grab a team for tenpin bowling with beers at Rosemount Bowl.
  32. Make your way through this list of Perth’s best cheap eats under $10 and save your dollies for summer!
  33. Sweat it out at one of these awesome workouts that are perfect for winter.
  34. Get your winter caffeine fix here.
  35. Take a wander through the brand spankin' new City of Perth library – it’s gorgeous!
  36. Whether you're a Friends fanatic or just like coming up with crazy team names, test your knowledge at one of these trivia nights.
  37. Train for this year's City to Surf. It will give you the motivation to exercise on those dark, cold mornings.
  38. Remember how frikkin hot summer was and feel good about going to sleep wrapped up in a pile of doona.
  39. Treat yo self to one of these delicious Perth toasties with the mosties. It's toastie season, guys!
  40. See how many of these smashed avo hotspots you can tick off.
  41. Nab yourself a cosy weeknight meal deal at one of these spots.
  42. Be a tourist for the day and meander through the WA Museum—entry is free!
  43. Toss out your #saddesklunch and fill your belly at one of these city spots instead.
  44. Snuggle up and binge watch these docos on Netflix #thankthesweetlordfornetflix
  45. Primp for cold weather beauty with these handy winter beauty tips.
  46. Go to one of these markets and stock up on winter veggies with the good intention of making soup.
  47. Buy local and support one of these amazing Perth homewares companies.
  48. Spend a day (or week) in Freo ticking off all of these things!
  49. Make like the masses and book a Bali trip! Can we suggest living it up here?
  50. Take a road trip somewhere new, like the Perth hills—and check out these cafes while you're there!

Click here for more things to do!

Bellisa Cafe | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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