8 London Trends Australia Should Jump On Board With

By Anna May
29th Oct 2016

London Trends Australia Should Jump On Board With

Lezbihonest, England has a whole lot to learn from Australia. You know, mostly to do with the sunshine, beaches that don’t have pebbles, decent coffee. But there are also a myriad of things we could learn from them. Mainly of the food variety, but also of the things to do kind.

Here are eight things we would happily borrow (or steal) from our friends across the ponds.

1. Stepping Up The Burger Game

Now before you come after me with your torch and pitchforks, I know Australians know their way around a burger. But our mates in ol’ Blighty have a thing or two to teach us about meat between buns. Take the holy Bleecker Burger for example, who have made theirs twice as epic by placing a deliciously decadent blood sausage patty between their burger buns and oozy cheese. Waiting in the freezing cold for one of these is nothing short of a privilege.

2. Hidden Rainbow Hair

Remember when unicorn hair became a thing and we were all like “shut up and take my money”? Hidden rainbow hair is the new thing in London thanks to Not Another Salon, who have taken Instagram by storm with their incredible colours. The rainbow is expertly painted underneath the top layers of your hair for a fabulous, colourful peekaboo effect that people are losing their minds and money over. The process is high maintenance and requires fortnightly visits to keep it fresh and vibrant, but my goodness it’s amazing.

3. Chain Restaurants That Don’t Suck

Majority of Australians are proud as punch to say we reject chains. Nope, we don’t want your corporate coffee on every corner and we absolutely don’t want your shitty sandwiches staring at us everywhere we go. I will say, however, that some of the chains in London are well worth everyone’s time and money. Take pizza joint Franco Manca for example, it serves up bomb-diggity delicious, Napoli style pizza all over the city for everyone to enjoy, and I mean everyone. Also worth mentioning is Polpo, a Michelin-recommended Venetian tapas restaurant that is absolutely worth waiting for.

4. Themed Menus

I’m mostly talking about a place called Lucky Chip that did a full-on Stranger Things themed menu and everyone got overly excited. Look, I’m not saying we all go full Eggo (whatever they are) and do this literally, but simply having the option to go out and have a good time with a creatively-themed menu is always a welcomed addition to our weeks. Especially when it’s too bloody cold to function in London.

5. Naked Things

So London has this thing about naked restaurants and naked night clubs. Yes, you read that correctly. No, I haven’t been. And I’d need to be convinced that my lady bits remained unscalded (by soup, c’mon guys) before I ventured in. The pop-up restaurant had over 46,000 ticket applications before shutting its doors, and the nightclub had lines out the door until it closed due to ‘insufficient locker space’. I’m not saying we need to make this a matter of national importance, but it’s always nice to give the nakey-lovers a place to be nakey.

6. Access To Potato Smiles

These were a thing, a delicious thing, in most of our respective childhoods, and then some cruel sorcerer by the name of Evil McCain ripped them out of our hands like Professor Quirrell with The Philosopher’s Stone. The lucky ducks across the pond don’t have this issue, and are still able to enjoy the crunchy-yet-creamy bliss of a potato smile whenever they damn please. That’s freedom, people.

7. The Avocado ‘Burger’

Let’s get one thing straight: it’s not a burger. Avocado is not a bun, so it’s not a burger. I know this because I tried to eat it with my hands and it was a very bad idea. Don’t do this. But it’s actually rather delicious. Yes, it’s a little weird. But have you tried the damn thing? Holy creamsicles, Batman. This is one food fad everyone should endeavour to get in their mouth. It’s messy, I won’t lie, but the creaminess of the avo against salty bacon and cheese is enough to have you all in a tizz.

8. Street Feast

I saved the best until last, and this really is the best thing ever. A bunch of awesome people have taken over blank spaces and filled them with a medley of food and drink vendors, making squabbles over what you want to eat a thing of the past. Want a margarita with your fried chicken? A mini samosa and a cocktail served in a watermelon? No worries. There are four epic locations under the Street Feast umbrella, and they stay open late so you can eat and drink yourself silly. Make it top of your list.

London could really learn a lot from us. Like this.

Image credit: QCLifestyle

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