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8 TV Shows You Should Binge-Watch This Month

By Rachel Lay
7th Nov 2016

TV shows to watch November

If there’s one thing we’re committed to on a monthly basis, it’s watching a solid amount of epic TV. So, we’ve done the, err, ‘hard work’ and rounded up all the best viewing this month on the box. From straight up lols to insightful political docos, we’ve got it all here for your viewing pleasure.

Popcorn at the ready!


SJP is back, and we couldn’t be more excited. Acting as somewhat of a sequel to the iconic series Sex And The City, the show chronicles SJP and her husband's divorce and the hilarities that ensue. Following them through therapy and all of awkward situations, plus, there’s a whole heap of cameos from the most hilarious actors ever!

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a full-on TV show. Holding up a ‘dark mirror’ to society, the show makes you think, question and re-evaluate everything. Showcasing some eerily familiar scenarios (British prime-minister and a pig, anyone?) you’ll come away from each episode with a tonne of internal confusion and feeling pretty bloody smart.

Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor is the political drama we needed. Starring Kiefer Sutherland, the show follows along the aftermath of an explosion that kills the president and all members of cabinet at the State of the Union address. Then, the only ‘designated survivor’ is sworn in as President completely unaware of what’s to come.


Easy follows the story of relationships in their varying forms across eight different episodes. We love easy for its ‘realness’—nothing feels fake. Not even the sex scenes. Imagine the inter-mixed plotlines of Love Actually, the vibes of Indie films that never hit the big time and raw, honest emotion and you’ve got Easy. Plus, Orlando Bloom stars in this one so there’s that...


Younger is the installation of trashy, easy-to-watch TV chick-flick that we so desperately needed. Younger tells the tale of an accomplished editor who took time off to raise her kids and finds it impossible to enter the work force again due to her age. Being blessed with a bangin’ bod and flawless skin she decided lie about her age and, shocker, gets a job! Encounters with younger men, Twitter and various slang words means you can’t help but fall in love with Younger. 

West World

West World is some epic TV viewing. Set in fictional Westworld, an amusement park populated by droids (hosts) that attracts rich visitors (newcomers) who can literally do whatever the f**k they want in the park without the repercussions of the real world or retaliation from the hosts. If you’re left feeling confused by this recap, just watch it. Trust us.

Terrace House

If you love Japanese reality TV, or even if you don’t, Terrace House is the show for you. Terrace house is as far removed from Geordie Shore as reality TV can get. Instead, Terrace House is a window into Japanese culture, politeness, and the truest form of fly-on-the-wall TV.

Review With Miles Barlow

Review With Miles Barlow is just straight up hilarious. Miles reviews everything from divorce to killing Kyle Sandilands in the funniest way possible. If you’re up for a laugh, you need to tune in. 

Image credit: HBO

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