9 Of Our Favourite Perth Doughnut Flavours

By Sarah Joanna Pope
6th Nov 2016

The weather is warming up and soon people will be worshiping at the alter of Sam Wood, Michelle Bridges and Ashy Bines.

But before you spend your hard earned dosh on spunky active wear and hollow fitness promises (oh god please don’t sue me Michelle Bridges), take a moment and ask yourself if you’d rather just eat a doughnut. A delicious, harmless doughnut…

So we’re just gonna put these nine of our fave doughnut flavours here for you…

Passionfruit Chilli Doughnut | Chu Bakery


Oh ya gotta gotta try this bad boy from Chu Bakery. Sweet and spicy chilli sugar on the outside and tangy passionfruit love curd on the inside. Mmm love curd.

Space Doughnut | Glazed And Confused


Glitter and galaxy swirl combine to make the most powerful doughnut on Instagram. It’s the French bulldog of doughnuts. Everyone will be jealous. Get em from Glazed and Confused!

Lemon Maple Cream Doughnut | Mary Street Bakery

Various locations

Mary Street Bakery, our favourite hipster-bakery-cafe, is still coming up with the goods for our favourite pastry treat. Try the lemon maple cream doughnut—a sure way to becoming ‘jolly’.

Matcha And White Chocolate Doughnut | Top Dup


You won't find a good spearmint milk in this town but you can’t walk two steps without running into a matcha flavoured dessert. Get on the bandwagon with a matcha and white chocolate doughnut from Top Dup. Yummy, yet trendy.

Malted Milk And Coco Pops Doughnut | Glazed And Confused


Capturing childhood nostalgia and piping it onto a doughnut treat, Glazed and Confused have created a doughnut hybrid so powerful that it may actually ruin all other desserts for us always.

Doughnut Balls | Duende


Splash out on the degustation from the delightful Duende and you’ll be rewarded with fresh doughnut balls and two syringes of precious doughnut filling (last time it was chocolate and banana). You’ll know what to do.

Caramel Sandwich | Whisk Creamery

Various locations

It’s been a leading lady in most of our dessert stories and you should do yourself a favour and get on it. Head to Whisk Creamery (they've got a new locaysh in Northbridge too) and get your sugar buzz on with this ice cream sandwich madness.

Pecan Maple Bacon Doughnut | Top Dup


They gone done it again at Top Dup. Grab a pecan maple bacon from this powerhouse of fried desserts… Uber Eats will even deliver it to your lazy fat ass door.

Roasted Coconut And Peanut Butter | Glazed And Confused


Dim the lights, play some Boys II Men and make sweet mouth love to this roasted coconut and peanut butter delicacy from Glazed and Confused. You won’t regret it… until you’ve finished it. Then you will. Or will you?

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Glazed And Confused at Stacked Cafe | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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