A Gen-Y Guide To Dealing With Annoying Parents

By Ellen Seah
19th Oct 2016


If you’re unlucky enough to be stuck at home with a pair of nagging nanny parents, we’ve got some Gen-Y powered tricks to dealing with them this spring.

#1 Move out of home. You might end up cold, hungry and homeless, but it’s all worth it to not have to see their smug faces right?

#2 Go to jail. They can’t annoy you there unless you count visiting times.

#3 If they’re lecturing you, count to 100 and if they haven’t stopped talking just leave the room. When they complain later, explain that you “listened and thought they were done”.

#4 Install a lock on your bedroom door.

#5 Better yet, change the lock on the front door. Don’t give them the new keys. 

#6 Bribe them with baked goods because no one but the devil can be annoying while eating chocolate cake.

#7 Talk to them about the latest developments in VR technology until they look so confused they waddle out of the room by choice.

#8 Pretend that you’ve decided to become an aspiring artist for a week. Transform your room into a hub of blindingly terrible artwork. When you tell them that you’ve decided to go back to your original lifestyle, they’ll be so grateful you’ll never hear a peep out of them again.

#9 Walk around with headphones in your ears 24/7. This includes the shower, toilet and while you’re sleeping. Don’t give them the opportunity to ambush you.

#10 Pretend that you’re moving to Samoa to join the 2017 season of Australian Survivor. Make sure to emphasise there’s no reception there.

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