Bachelorette Power Rankings: Top 3

By Sophie Colvin
21st Oct 2016


I anticipate that now that Cam has gone, channel 10’s  Bachelorette ratings have probably plummeted. Like, what that actual f*^k, Georgia?! Why would you do that? Cam, If you’re reading this, get in touch—I have a tonne of quality, single gal pals.

After those (rather dull) home town visits, Georgia fiiinnnaaallly gave Courtney the flick after he made it crystal clear he just wasn’t that in to her. And that leaves three. We’ve done a quick assessment of the talent that’s left, and here are our power rankings.

#3 Jake

Jake shared his Turkey recipe, which was ‘symbolic”  so he must really like Georgia. Personally I think Georgia is reading in to this turkey / family recipe situation a little too much. Jake’s great and all, but he’s not a sweet as Matty and he’s not as hot as Lee, soooo…… sorry Jake, but you’re going to be the next to go.

#2 Matty J

I can’t put my finger on why I feel like Matty J isn’t going to come out on top. Is it that he has an air of ‘child’ about him? Is it his voice? Is it his super sweet, little brother nature? Either way, if eel really conflicted. Also, that sister of his…. It seems like his sister has him under the thumb, which is a bit of a creepy concept

#1 Lee

Lee is a hugger. An all encompassing, squeezy, lift-you-off-the-ground, hugger. Is there anything better?

Lee’s dad seems like a total legend, and Lee’s mum is clinching this—“Hello My Love”. Gran is the star of the show—she seems like one of those awesome grannies that could say whatever the hell she wanted and no matter how rude, it’d always be delivered in a kindly tone.

Also, that closing kiss? The way he was touching her and doing the smile-kiss. Melt. Rose him up. Keep Him. And have an army of little Clarke Kent look-a-likes.

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