Bachie | The Final Week Predictions

By Sophie Colvin
9th Sep 2016

bachie recap

And then there were three. Richie gave Faith and then Rachel the boot this week—not entirely surprising. Which means that Olena, Alex and Nikki go into the final week. In this edition, we analyse each girl's home town visit and predict how things will play out from here. 


Tennis Olena is the hottest Olena yet. Richie realises he doesn’t know shit about the Ukranian. Our favourite part of this episode was when Olena’s dad pretends that he doesn’t know Richie’s name. Gold.
The date goes from bad to worse as they serve Richie Ukranian vodka, and make him box against Olena's professional boxer dad. Richie is waaaaay out of his depth.
Olena seems pretty blasé about whether or not Richie chooses her. She’s going to be the next to go. If we were Richie, we’d choose Olena’s mum.


Alex wins some massive brownie points from us for not parading her kid around on national television and actually acknowledging that Richie hasn’t really earned the right to meet him yet. This date is pretty boring—there’s the expected grilling questions. Alex thinks she’s falling in love and Richie sticks his tongue down her throat, but, at the end of the day, Richie has absolutely no desire to have a kid at this stage. Alex will at least get a snazzy trip to Bali or some other exotic but kinda cheap place to for the final episode, but then it’ll be adios.


We sound like a cracked record, but Nikki so clearly has this in the bag. Her family are normal, Snow (her brother in law) seemed like a bloody good bloke and there weren’t too many aggressive grilling Qs. Nikki has fallen hard. Like, she’s in really, really deep, but it doesn’t matter too much because we’re pretty sure this is like the Sam Frost and Sasha scenario—she clearly had decided by about week two that Sasha was going to win, and we think the same applies to this Nikki Richie dynamic. You can't fool us, conniving Channel 10 producers.

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