Limber Up At The Best Reformer Pilates Classes In Perth

By Annalise Bolt
27th May 2020

Reformer Pilates uses a spring-loaded machine for high-intensity resistance training so if you're not a regular, be prepared for sore arms and shaky legs while ticking off cardio, strength, endurance, body composition and flexibility all in the one short work out. 

It may be tough, but it’s also low impact so your joints will stay safe from injury. Better yet, these boutique reformer Pilates studios offer more personal and fun workouts than you’ll find in the gym. And yes, you will be walking with a waddle after your first class.

So splurge on that new activewear and get ready to work muscles you didn’t even know you had at some of Perth’s best reformer Pilates classes.

LA Fit

Subiaco And Highgate

I don’t want to scare you away but this is one intense workout. Push through 45 minutes of full body conditioning and reap the rewards (hello abs). A French bodybuilder created the megaformer machine (a tougher version of the regular reformer machines) but sadly dreaming of a muscled French man does not make the workout any easier. Their Highgate studio also offers Megaride—combining bikes, megaformer and music. All their classes are seriously addictive.

Heartbeat High


Located in the heart of the CBD, Heartbeat High is where all the cool kids are doing Pilates, partly because of their ‘gram-worthy neon sign and all-round gorgeous studio, but mostly because the Pilates instructors are 100% awesome. Their reformer 101 class is perfect for anyone new to Pilates, but once you’ve found your groove, you’ll want to jump into their Club H class for the pros or their 30 minute Sweat in the City class for a lunchtime pick me up.  

KX Pilates

Various Locations

You may be horizontal for most of the class, but the fast paced 50 minute workout at KX Pilates will get you sweating. A morning class will leave you with that satisfying endorphin rush for the rest of the day (even if you’re whole body feels like jelly). They offer classes for different levels as well as one on one personal training.

Cardea Pilates


Cardea Pilates in Claremont is running 50 minute classes guaranteed to sculpt your bod and shed fat. The classes are kept small so you’ll get personal attention from the instructor to get the most out of your workout. If you want to go it alone (we warn you, there’s no escape if you want a rest) you can also book in for a private class. There are even complimentary sweat towels and chilled water.

Core Focus

Subiaco and Nedlands 

Core Focus promises to retrain your body’s alignment and change the way you move, all while giving you a killer workout. Mums can book into the crèche at the Nedlands studio for $5, double win.



Expect to sweat, shake and elevate your practice with the team at Balanze. Their Bend studio is fitted with the Rolls Royce of reformers—the Balanced Body Allegro 2 reformer. This machine enables smoother transitions and more challenging options for the pros out there. With three different class types—Technique, Sweat and Transform—there is a class for everyone from beginners right down to those who have their technique down to an art form. If the reformer is still a bit daunting, hit their Flow studio for some Yoga Beats, Pilates Beats or Boxilates.

The Pilates Lab

North Fremantle & Scarborough

With every kind of pilates class you can think of, The Pilates Lab is the best studio for mixing up your workouts. And no, I’m not exaggerating—they have reformer, mat, boxilates, pregnancy Pilates as well as yoga and barre. The only thing missing is goat yoga (please bring on the goat yoga). Book in for a good vibe and an even better workout. 

Pilates Centre WA

East Fremantle

The awesome instructors at this boutique studio will help you get through even the toughest of classes. The owner Trudy is all the inspiration you need to get moving—she’s in her sixties and has the most incredible Pilates bod. Reward yourself with brunch at one of the East Freo cafes after class. You’ve earned it.

Lifestyle Boom


A class at Lifestyle Boom will put a bounce in your step—they incorporate trampolines into their reformer Pilates classes. Just because these classes are fun, doesn’t mean that won’t put those muscles to the test. An added bonus is the free one on one consultation with a physio for all new clients.



An all encompassing health and wellness destination, Bodyworks offers power, cardio and essentials reformer classes for fitness. They also have a big focus on rehabilitation Pilates so if you've got an injury or 10, these are your guys.

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LAFit | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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