Francoforte Spaghetti Bar Is Expanding!

By Kirsty Petrides
14th Oct 2016

Francoforte fans, rejoice! This tiny Northbridge spaghetti bar is getting a big makeover and we're excited!

If you haven’t been to Francoforte, go take a good hard look at yourself and question what exactly you have been doing with your time that is more important that eating spaghetti.

Francoforte provides delicious traditional Italian food in a cosy, relaxed restaurant tucked away down a Northbridge alleyway. It's amazing, it’s tasty and it’s just general good times. In fact, the only bad things about Francoforte is that due to its popularity, it’s often hard to snag a table; and because the kitchen is teeny, they sadly can’t cater for gluten-intolerant folks.

But as Bob Dylan said, the times they are a-changin’! And in true Bob Dylan style, the team at Francoforte are breaking barriers to be bigger and better, smashing down the wall to take over the place next door so they can double their tables AND have a gluten-free kitchen space.

Get your stretchy pants out everybody, Perth is about to have a pasta party.

We sat down with Francoforte’s owner, Julian Staltari, to get the scoop on this exciting news.

Hey Julian, tell us a bit about Francoforte's upcoming expansion!

We are doubling the kitchen space, and offering more seating outside. But the ultimate goal is to expand our menu. We badly needed more space and an opportunity arose to take over the shop next door—formerly Safari's Record Shack—so we jumped on it.

When can we expect to see this bigger and better Francoforte officially open?

It will be up and running late this year.

Did you expect Francoforte to become as popular as it has when you first set out?

We've been growing strongly and steadily since we opened; it’s great that Perth eaters seem to like what we offer. I think the thing people like is that it’s excellent food with a cosy vibe, right in the middle of Northbridge. I feel confident they will support us as we expand.

Gluten free pasta—huge news! Why have you now decided to offer GF spaghetti?

Finally I know! Gluten free really is an expectation in the food industry. And while pasta is all about the gluten, sometimes you need a little spaghetti without the regretti!

Is there anything else new and exciting on the horizon for Francoforte?

We would love to have a liquor licence and will be working hard to make it happen. That'll be such a house party when that happens! Watch this space. 

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Image credit: Louise Coghill

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