Mount Lawley Just Got Nitrogen Gelato!

By Anna Franklyn
22nd Aug 2016

Nitrogen Gelato Perth

Yes, you read that right. Nitrogen gelato, and it tastes way better than any science experiment you ever did at school! Let us explain…

The guys at Ibiza N2 in Mount Lawley are using liquid nitrogen to flash freeze gelato, right in front of your eyes, so you get the smoothest, freshly churned gelato of your life. But they don’t stop there. While the gelato making process might be the best thing to watch since the Olympics finished, the final product is just as impressive. Topped with goodies like cocoa puffs, black waffle cones and syringes full of the sweetest sauces you could dream of, this gelato is a treat for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

The crew at Ibiza N2 also dish out awesome churros, Spanish hot chocolates, pistachio hot white chocolates and cakes that will knock your socks off. In great news for the vegans among us, the churros served with coconut whipped cream are 100% vegan and they have a couple of vegan gelatos too. Nitrogen gelato for all!

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Image credit: Yick Thung Life

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