Perth’s Best Bento Boxes

By Holly Nicholls
13th Jul 2017

Perth's Best Bento Boxes

We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with the standard Australian lunchtime go-to that is the plain old peanut butter sandwich, we’re just saying that Japan’s go-to is waaaay better. Neatly packed in a little box with separate compartments (who doesn’t love a bit of midday organisation, functionality and efficiency?), bento boxes are the answer to your indecisiveness.

So next time you want chicken teriyaki but you also want sushi, head to one of these Japanese restaurants for Perth’s best bento boxes!

Is Donburi


If you’re lucky enough to get a table at one of Northbridge’s busiest Japanese lunch bars, then you’re already doing well. If you’ve managed to get through the mammoth menu and reached the bento box section, then you’re doing even better. You’re going to want to order the assorted fresh sashimi bento at Is Donburi. Even though it’s not the cheapest in town, it’s one of the biggest and the best.


Perth CBD

Winning our hearts with insanely perfect presentation, Edosei plates up some of our favourite grilled pepper salmon lunch sets. With an interior that belongs on Grand Designs and super friendly service to boot, you now know where all the Terrace folk are spending their money.

Sakura Sake


Tucked behind a row of cherry blossom trees and delicate lattice awnings on James Street, Sakura Sake is one of Perth's newest Japanese joints and we love it! Their teriyaki salmon bento box is the real winner here—and a pot of green tea or bowl of miso never goes astray.


We couldn’t hide our obsession with Ichirin even if we tried. Everything here is just so freakin’ good. We’re big on sitting at the bar and watching the chefs work their magic while we marvel at how good their agedashi tofu is and wonder how we’ll possibly finish the huge bento (but of course we do). Lucky little Leeming gets this Japanese restaurant right on their doorstop. Maybe we should move?



Discovering that Nobu did a lunch time bento box was like discovering Uber eats for the first time. Pure happiness—but much more expensive. The ultimate Japanese restaurant in Perth for the freshest seafood, most authentic flavours and an incredible experience—the fact they do bento boxes is just the icing on the cake. Off to Crown we go!

Hayashi Japanese Restaurant


Any restaurant that serves up their signature sashimi in a wooden ship gets our attention. This gorgeous little neighborhood spot transports you to the burbs’ of Tokyo. It’s no frills, clean as a whistle with spotless elegance to every dish, and of course the bento boxes are no exception. Plus, you get token fruit with it! Random, yes…but we ate it all. Thanks Hayashi!



Leading the pack with the grab and go bento is Leederville’s Tsuke-Ba. Don’t go getting all high maintenance on us now—this is pre-made, good to go boxes of all the best things. We recommend the glazy (yeah, it’s a thing), dark and sticky chicken teriyaki. It’s our pick every time!


Various Locations

Errmaagerrd were we happy to discover Ohnamiya! If you do anything this week, bento at one of the Ohnamiyas needs to be it. The menu is slightly odd, so let’s break it down for you in four words: karaage chicken deluxe box. Extra brownie points because there’s bottomless Japanese tea. Their (kind of) little sister Kahmon in Shelley is also just as delicious!

Katsu Japanese Restaurant


It doesn’t get much more cheap and cheerful than Katsu Japanese Restaurant. Think BYO, plastic fantastic, straight up and easy does it yummy Japanese. The bento is as simple (but delicious) as it gets with miso, cabbage, rice and whatever protein you choose. But let’s be honest, we’ll judge you if you don’t order the katsu chicken.

Sushia Izakaya

Perth CBD

The Japanese grilled beef coming out of the Sushia Izakaya kitchen is easily our fave in Perth. With not many Japenese restaurants in Perth offering outdoor seating, this is another winning factor for Sushia Izakaya. It may not be cheap, but it is up there with Nobu standards and delivers every time.

Kagura Sushi House


Kagura’s tempura is off the charts delicious so this is a good one for vegetarians. Under $20 for the bento and loaded up to the brim with crunchy, colourful veg—if you can tear yourself away from the sushi train, you won’t regret it. Set in a little shop that feels like one of the hidden gems in Tokyo’s Gion, this has “Oishi!” written all over it!

More in the mood for sashimi? Here are 13 of the best spots to get your fix in Perth!

Hayashi Japanese Restaurant | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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