Perth’s Best Dinner Deals

By Emma Pegrum - 18 Dec 2018

When it comes to heading out for dinner, we Perthlings don’t take much convincing at the worst of times—let alone when there’s a good deal on the table. While pubs tend to dominate dinner-deal lists, our city boasts no shortage of excellent deals every night of the week at places other than your local watering hole, too.

What follows is a more refined list of great deals at great restaurants—not that there’s anything wrong with a good pub feed (long live the parmi/pint combo and $12 steaks), but these ones can be harder to sniff out.

Here are 20 of Perth’s best dinner deals.


The Standard | Northbridge

If the words 'dinner deal' mean anything to you, The Standard's Hawker Mondays should be on your radar. The weekly Monday special varies, spanning Asian cuisine from Vietnam to Japan. Think katsu chicken with dressed up poor man’s sushi rice and double fried fish wings with Korean BBQ sauce all coming in at a flat twenty bucks. It’s unheard of. Did we mention you get your first drink included?

Canteen Pizza | Cottesloe

If you like your wine fine and paired with pizza, you’ve probably spent more than a few nights at Canteen Pizza. But you may not know that Monday nights spell Pizza & Pinot Night at this beachfront eatery, where the crew crack open top-end pinot (or champers) at a sweet 50% off. Pizza’s the same price, but hey—you can’t have one without the other.

Perth's Best Dinner Deals

Gimme Five Mondays At La Cholita


The crew at La Cholita know that the first five days after the weekend are the hardest, so they’re helping you ease it in with $5 Monday madness. That’s $5 fish or pork tacos and $5 selected drinks, which includes house wines, beers, sangria and tequila shots. That should get you going.

The South Beach Hotel | Fremantle

Is there anything better than a big bowl of steaming hot chilli mussels with crusty bread? A: Yes, there is only one thing better, and it’s when said chilli mussels cost a mere 15 bucks like they do at The South Beach Hotel on Monday nights. Yeah, it’s technically a pub, but the dressed-up kind, so we’re including it.


Mexican Kitchen | Fremantle

There are few things we love more than a restaurant with a dedicated ‘daily specials’ section on their menu, and Freo’s Mexican Kitchen is one such place. Tuesday spells half price nachos all night, which means you can be eating beef and black bean nachos from as little as $8.50 (but let’s be real, it’s $16.50 once you upgrade to the large size and add jalapeños and cheese)! For any non-nacho eating friends, a 3 for $9 taco offer runs alongside this, which is insanely good considering $9 is the usual price of one taco. Run, don’t walk.​

Five Bar | Mount Lawley

The only thing better than a good deal is a good deal that allows choice. Tuesday nights at Five Bar allow just that—hand over $15 and receive your choice of a pulled pork baguette, a grilled chicken burger or a plate of delicious steak tartare. Unfortunately no drink included, but $9 Gage Roads pints on tap ain’t bad anyway.

Kitsch Bar Asia | Leederville

Kitsch Bar's Pad Thai Tuesdays have reached almost legendary status among the dinner deal scouts across our city—us being among them. Nothing sums up the sweet and sour, hot and salty flavours of Bangkok street food like a really, really good Pad Thai, which the one you can get for $20 with a Chang beer on Tuesdays at Kitsch certainly is.

Perth's Best Dinner Deals

The Aviary | Perth

Some might argue that $10 is really as much as a cheeseburger should cost, but we all know it’s a rare find in this town—especially when they taste this good. The Aviary serves up ten buck cheeseburgers on their Cheap Tuesdays, which go down pretty well during happy hour (5—6pm) with a $5 beer or $6 wine.

Ezra Pound | Northbridge

Notoriously one of the cheapest good night’s out in Perth, it’s no surprise that Ezra Pound should offer some seriously generous specials throughout the week (e.g. regular $10 Negroni specials on Thursdays). But their Tuesday special strikes a particularly weak chord with us—it’s $6 schooners teamed with $6 pounds of wings from neighbouring No Mafia. You’ll be ordering triple, guaranteed.

Caballitos | Perth

Another fave Perth restaurant that offers daily specials (although usually of the tequila variety), Caballitos blitz your at-home Taco Tuesday with their $5-a-pop pockets of goodness. Don’t mind if we do.

Rodney’s Bait and Tackle | Mosman Park

Rodney’s is more than just a rollicking good time—it’s also a spot to eat well on the cheap. Tuesdays, in particular, are good for this—you can get two fish or vegie tacos (barramundi or roast pumpkin with salsa and salad) and a schooner of beer or a wine for just $15. They’re a decent size, but the hungrier among you might be back for seconds.

Young George | East Fremantle

Young George has got to be the most effortlessly exceptional neighbourhood eatery going around—the kind we all wish was on our street’s corner. Tuesday nights are pizza nights here, where $16 gets you a woodfired pizza (so good they usually sell out) and a tap beer or wine. Yep, that’s a damn good deal.

Perth's Best Dinner Deals


Alabama Song | Northbridge

A deal so good you practically feel criminal taking advantage, 50c wings are on offer at Alabama Song on Wednesday (and also Sunday!) nights. With the money saved on wings, you can blow the rest of your cash washing them down with one of more than 120 types of bourbons, whiskies and ryes that grace their shelves. How many can you do? (Question applies to both wings and whiskies.)

Nowhereman Brewing | West Leederville

For dining pairs that love pizza and beer deals but only ever want to share a pizza rather than ordering one each (who are these devilish humans?), Nowhereman Brewing offers up a Beer Beer Pizza deal on Wednesday nights for the bargain price of $25. Their pizzas are pretty good, too!

The Guildford Hotel | Guildford

Okay, also technically a pub but one with a serious point of difference, The Guildford Hotel's low and slow smoked meats should not be unfamiliar to Perth foodies—nor those seeking a good deal. Head in on Wednesday nights to feast on a pick of the day smoky meat, accompanied with the good ol’ pub chips and salad. Go during happy hour (5—6pm) and pair that with a $9 pint or $7 wine to really bring it home.

Perth's Best Dinner Deals


Mexican Kitchen | Fremantle

When it comes to places that offer daily deals, we’ve tried to narrow it down to their very best deal to bring you this concise list—but the $50 Thursday night dinner for two at Mexican Kitchen came in at a tue with their half-price nachos on Tuesdays, sorry. It’s not everywhere you can head on a date with just a $50 note in your pocket and come up this well-to-do. The deal includes dips and corn chips (chilli con queso is our pick), two enchiladas (which come with rice and frijoles) plus—the deal-sealer—two margaritas. Worthy.

Tavolo | Cloverdale

Hand over a $20 note to the good people at Tavolo on a Thursday night and you’ll receive a kilogram—yes, a kilogram—of mussels in return. ‘What flavour?’, we hear you ask. It changes weekly! Check out their Facebook page on the day to see what you're in for.


The Albion | Cottesloe

Ok, this is definitely a pub. But find us another pub that’s serving up fresh oysters (at $2 a pop no less) and we’ll shout you said oysters ‘til you’re full. Seriously, The Albion's $2 Oyster deal is what weekends in Perth are made of—and the $7 pints don’t do too badly either.

Clarences | Mount Lawley

Everyone’s pretty familiar with the good deal that is Clarences’ $14 Burger/Beer combo by now—you might say it’s a Perth staple—but it never gets old. Hanging out in the beer garden or getting a bit more proper in their dimly-lit restaurant is a great way to spend an evening—the cheap deal is just the cherry on top!

Don Tapa | Fremantle

Another taco deal, but who ever said no to a couple of cheap tacos on a Sunday? Don Tapa is dishing up two tacos and a tinnie—choose from Young Henry's cider or Summer Hop IPA—for just $14 every Sunday. Don't mind if we do.

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The Aviary | Image credit: Nancy Hanna, Louise Coghill

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