Perth’s Best Dinner Deals

By Kirsty Petrides - 03 May 2017

Being a social butterfly in Perth can sometimes get a tad pricey. A beer, steak or burger tend to cost that little bit more in this fair city of ours. As a result, being a financially-savvy Western Australian can often mean spending your night on the couch with a cup of noodles. Luckily for you though, we’ve found Perth’s best dinner deals, so you can save AND socialise.

Here are some of Perth’s best dinner deals to get you through the week.

Monday To Thursday

The Standard | Northbridge

From Monday to Thursday, you can head to The Standard for their epic 3+2=1 deal. That's three courses and two glasses of wine for one amazing price of $55. Yes, please!

Tres Amici | Northbridge

The legends at No Mafia, Francoforte and Chicho Gelato are running one of the best dinner deals in Perth for sure. Start with antipasti and a glass of wine at No Mafia, then head to Francoforte for a big bowl of pasta before heading to Chicho to finish your night with gelato. All for $35!


The South Beach Hotel | South Fremantle

Is there anything better than a big bowl of steaming hot chilli mussels with crusty bread? Yes, there is only one thing better, and it is when those chilli mussels cost a mere 15 bucks. Get to The South Beach Hotel’s Chilli Mussel Mondays asap, kids.

Clarence’s | Mount Lawley

Parmi and Pint—not only is it fun to say, it’s also a solid meal. Every Monday night at Clarence’s is parmi and pint night, where for just $22, you get succulent chicken parmigiana and a beer.

The Brisbane | Highgate

The people at The Brissie celebrate Mondays by slashing their pizza prices in half. Yep that’s right, you can get double the pizza. Yippee.

The Left Bank | Fremantle

The start of the working week means BarraMonday at The Lefty. For $17 you get a piece of grilled barramundi with vegetables and a glass of wine. Monday suddenly doesn’t seem so bad.

The Boulevard | Floreat

Monday night is half price pizza night at this Floreat gem. And with flavours like prosciutto, rocket and lemon, and mushroom, artichoke and black olive, you might want to take friends so you can sample all of them.

La Cholita | Northbridge

Had a bad Monday? Cure it at La Cholita with Gimme Five Mondays—$5 house wines, beer and tequila shots. And to appropriately line your stomach, they also offer $10 quesadillas.

The Mexican Kitchen | Fremantle

A $20 note will get you the Monday night burrito and beer meal deal at Mexican Kitchen. You’ve got the option of chicken, garlic prawn, shredded beef or black bean burritos, all wrapped in soft flour tortillas with lettuce, cheese, salsa, sour cream and a side of rice—plus your froffie.

The Meatball Bar | Fremantle 

On Monday AND Tuesday, The Meatball Bar in Freo offer all you can eat meatballs plus a glass if vino and dessert—deep fried Oreos anyone? The mojitos are also only $12!

The Federal | Fremantle

Pack your bibs, because Monday night is ribs night at The Federal. 15 bucks will get you a plate of sticky glazed BBQ ribs that are seriously delicious.


The Guildford Hotel | Guildford

The Guildford runs $20 dinner deals every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and on Tuesday it's a smashing chicken schnitz with chips and a salad. Yum.

Raffles | Applecross

Every Tuesday is pasta and wine night at Raffles. Enjoy delicious home-made pasta, like spaghetti, ravioli, fettucine or risotto, and a glass of wine for just $20. That’s amore, indeed.

Kitsch Bar Asia | Leederville

The clever folks at Kitsch have been all over this weeknight specials business for a while, so they know a thing or two about good value. Their legendary $15 pad thai is on every Tuesday, and it is a winner.

The South Beach Hotel | South Fremantle

‘Tuesday’ and ‘steakj’ just go hand in hand, don’t they? At The South Beach Hotel, you can get their Tuesday night deal of a porterhouse or T-bone steak with a side of chips for just $15.

The Hyde Park Hotel | North Perth

If South Freo is too far, sink your teeth into The Hydey’s Tuesday night steak night. They do a delicious 250g rump steak served with chips and salad for a mere 15 bucks.

The Precinct | Victoria Park

Tuesday nights at The Precinct are $20 pasta and vino night. Choose between two pasta dishes, and pair it with a glass of wine, all for only $20.

The Cabin | Mount Hawthorn

The team at The Cabin are doing a spicy little Tuesday night special with their peri-peri chicken for two. For $30 you get a platter of their spicy chicken, served with sweetcorn and buttermilk puree, charred corn and pickled accompaniments.

The Mexican Kitchen | Fremantle

HALF PRICE NACHOS! Three of the best words ever. At The Mexican Kitchen, that means you can get nachos starting from $7.50! You can also get three soft tacos for just $9. Ay caramba!

The Oxford | Leederville

Yay pizza. For just $9.90 you can get any of the gourmet pizzas on The Oxford’s menu on Tuesday nights. Some of the delicious variations include tandoori chicken with roasted peppers, cucumber yoghurt and toasted almonds; or Calabrese salami, mushroom, olives and Spanish onion.

The Federal | Fremantle

The people at The Federal know how to keep you happy, and they do so with their Tuesday night two-for-one mains. Choose from burgers, steaks, fish, pasta, pies and more. You might need to go a few times to try everything.

Young George | East Fremantle

The East Fremantle gem will keep your social life and wallet happy with their Tuesday night special of $14 for a pizza AND a schooner. Say what? Yes, this is real life.

Varsity Bar | Nedlands

WINGS. CHEAP WINGS. On Tuesday nights, the generous folks at Varsity Bar offer 15 wings for $12 or 30 wings for $18, served with your choice of spicy hot sauce or smoky barbeque sauce.


The Queens | Highgate

The Queens is all over this dinner deal business with their Wednesday night steak special. You get a 250g porterhouse cooked your way with chips, salad and sauce for just 20 bucks.

The Guildford | Guildford

On Wednesday at The Guildford, it's all about the $20 smokey lamb shanks with miso mash and beer jus. Pub grub at its finest.

The Hyde Park Hotel | North Perth

Rum, ribs and reggae. That’s what we call a trifecta, isn’t it? On Wednesday nights The Hydey does $18 ribs, $8 Kraken rum and live reggae from 7pm. Dinner, drinks AND a show. What a treat.

The Mexican Kitchen | Fremantle

Finish hump day the right way with $20 fajitas and a beer or wine at The Mexican Kitchen. Fajitas range from marinated steak strips, marinated chicken, chilli garlic prawns, or mixed vegies with a honey chipotle sauce.

Kitsch Small Bar | Leederville

Wok Wednesdays at Kitsch means $16.80 for wok special and a ginger beer. They freshly cook up a flavoursome weekly creation in a single wok, much like the street vendors of Thailand, and let us tell you, it will blow your mind.

The Cabin | Mount Hawthorn

Duck wings are not something we see every day—especially meal-deal duck wings. However, The Cabin is doing a Wednesday night dinner deal of $22 roasted duck wings with beer. Give it a whirl.

The Oxford Hotel | Leederville

On Wednesday nights, this Leedy institution does a mean $20 beef and bevy meal deal. A 250g sirloin steak, your choice of tasty sauce, salad, fries and a beer or wine. Bargains.

Wok St Chow House | Northbridge

Wok St has some sensational dinner deals, and you cannot go wrong with their $15 mi goreng special on Wednesday nights. Close your eyes and you’ll think you’re in south east Asia.

Varsity Bar | Nedlands

When you buy a drink at Varsity Bar on a Wednesday night you can also nab yourself a $5 hotdog. They come served with mustard and ketchup, or if you want some extra kick you can make them fully loaded with pickles, jalapenos, cheese and onion for an extra $2.

The Federal | Fremantle

The Federal has your Wednesday sorted with a parmy, punt and pint all for 20 buckeroos. Hump day just got a whole lot better people. 

Tavolo | Cloverdale

Wednesday night at Tavolo is pizza and beer night. Get yourself a pizza and a beer for a measly $20. That's pretty much a free beer with any pizza. Win.


HopScotch | Fremantle

Three of our favourite Freo joints, BottegaAuntie G and Benny's, have joined forces to create HopScotch which will run every Thursday night until the end of September. For $38 the dinner deal will get you three courses (one at each venue) and two wines, plus the pleasure of enjoying tunes from a live jazz band at Benny's.

The Vic | Subiaco

This is just outrageous. For twelve dollars—TWELVE DOLLARS—you can take advantage of The Vic’s Thursday night special of chicken schnitzel with beer battered fries and a salad. We’re speechless at the magnitude of this bargain.

The Guildford | Guildford

If you're after a 250g Black Angus rump steak with potato gratin or chips, and beernaise or red wine jus, then The Guildford is the place to go. All for 20 bucks!

Raffles | Applecross

Steak House Thursdays at Raffles involves a steak of your choice; a sauce of your choice (like mushroom, garlic, béarnaise or peppercorn); a side of your choice (including baked potato with sour cream and chives, beer battered steak fries, classic mash or fresh salad) and a glass of wine or beer of your choice. All that, starting at 28 bucks. Thank you, Raffles.

The Federal | Fremantle

Thursday night is steak night at The Federal. For $15 you get a juicy piece of steak cooked to your liking, served with chips and salad.

The Oxford | Leederville

Thursday nights means deals aplenty at The Oxford. They have a delightful Aussie dinner of a box of fish and chips for just $8, as well as pints starting from $8. What a time to be alive.

The Mexican Kitchen | Fremantle

Grab a pal and head to The Mexican Kitchen for their Thursday night $50 dinner for two. You get dips like salsa, guacamole and chilli con carne, enchiladas with spinach, potato, chicken and beef, plus two margaritas.

Kitsch Bar Asia | Leederville

Top Secret Thursdays at Kitsch are like a lucky dip of dinner deals. You might get a share plate, you might get an authentic Asian classic, you may get fusion dish. One thing is certain though, it will be delicious and it will only cost $18.

Wok St Chow House | Northbridge

The people at Wok St Chow House are the masters of dinner deals, and their Thursday night tom yum soup special is no exception. For just $15 you can get a steamy hot bowl of this authentic goodness.

Varsity Bar | Nedlands

If you want a happy-almost-Friday bevvy on your Thursday evening, go get it from Varsity Bar. Why? Because when you buy a drink there on a Thursday night, you get a $5 cheeseburger! Result. 

Tavolo | Cloverdale

The good people at Tavolo will give you 1kg of mussels for $20 on a Thursday night. Plus, to make sure you never get bored, they change up the flavour every week. Check out their Facebook page on the day to see what you're in for.

Little Guildford | Guildford

There aren't many things better than a good curry night, but free wine is one of them. That's right, Little Guildford will give you FREE wine at their curry night.


South Beach Hotel | South Fremantle

Fish and chip Friday is a thing, and it is happening at The South Beach Hotel. They celebrate the end of the working week with a special of WA snapper and chips for $15.

The Paddington Ale House | Mount Hawthorn

Friday nights are steak and beer night at The Paddo. For just under $25, you get a 300g rump steak and pint. Plus, they have happy hour drink specials on Friday nights too if you want to celebrate your bargain dinner even more.

The Federal | Fremantle

Burgers at The Federal are just $15 on Friday nights. They dish up options like crispy chicken, Harvey beef or south-west pumpkin burgers (just because you’re a vegetarian doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a bargain burger) and all are served with tasty chips and salad.

The Oxford | Leederville

The Friday night steak special at The Oxford rocks our world. For a mere $19.50 you get 250g prime porterhouse steak, roasted portobello mushrooms, fries, salad and your choice of sauce. Happy weekend.

The Left Bank | Fremantle

Fifteen dollar pizza and pint night at The Lefty! Is there any better way to kick off your weekend? Hell no. Choose between a margarita or salami special pizza, and enjoy it with a pint of Heineken while you take in the river views.

Little Guildford | Guildford

It's Friday. Treat yo'self. Or better yet, let Little Guildford treat you with free dessert. Yes please.


The Vic | Subiaco

Get your Saturday night feed at The Vic with their $15 slider deal. Enjoy a trio of sliders with beer battered chips. Such a good bargain for dinner obviously means more money to spend on Saturday night wines.

South Beach Hotel | South Fremantle

Burger and fries, everybody’s favourite combo. The only thing that could make it better is if was super cheap burgers and fries. Luckily, The South Beach Hotel does just that, with their Saturday burger special. For just $15 you can get one of their juicy chicken or beef burgers with a side of chips.

The Federal | Fremantle

What better way to spend your Saturday night than with fish and chips? Every Saturday night is $15 fish and chips night at The Federal.

The Cabin | Mount Hawthorn

On Sundays, The Cabin gives you wings. Yes, that’s right. Take some pals because when you buy four beers or ciders at The Cabin you get a free kilo of chicken wings. Crispy skin, with smoky barbeque sauce. Yay free stuff.

The Oxford | Leederville

Sunday night is $15 chicken shnitty night at The Oxford. What a bargain. Or, if you’re in the mood for sharing, they also have share platter specials on Sundays, with an assortment of delicious things for just $25.

The Wembley Hotel | Wembley

Finish your week on a high with Parmi Sunday at the Wembley. For just $15 you can get a tasty dinner of chicken parmigiana and chips.

The Precinct | Victoria Park

The Precinct does a sensational dinner deal to end your week. On a Sunday, just $15 will buy you an MSA grade porterhouse, served with mash, salad and port red wine jus. What a bargain.

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Kitsch | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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