Get Your Sweat On With Perth’s Best Lunchtime Workouts

By Chloe Sputore
16th Oct 2019

Lunchtime Workouts Perth Heartbeat High

There’s nothing like that feeling of accomplishment you get when you squeeze a workout into your lunch hour. It’s basically free time and means you can either sleep in longer or head home early for a night on the couch with your latest binge without feeling guilty—all with the added benefit of being able to gloat to your colleagues about how great you are at life.

When it comes to the lunchtime workout you have to choose wisely. No one wants to stay back late for being healthy, so it’s important to pick an activity no more than 45 minutes long, allowing for enough time to get to and fro and in and out of your sweats without too much hassle.

Here’s our pick of the best lunchtime workouts in Perth.

Heartbeat High


One of Perth's coolest Pilates studios, Heartbeat High has upped the convenience factor with their 30 minute midday SweatCity classes. They also do a couple of 45 minute classes in the middle of the day if you've got more time up your sleeve. Try Bump 'n' Grind, a fusion of Pilates and dance to the best 90s beats. 

The Yoga Vine


We’ve all heard the research, doing yoga at lunchtime can really help to manage work stressors and bad posture. The Yoga Vine on St Georges Terrace runs Lunchtime Express classes on the daily which will have you feeling more zen for the rest of your workday and a whole lot more comfortable in that office chair. You might want to book ahead as some of these classes fill up fast.

Box & Bike


Cute little Queen Street fitness studio Box & Bike is a popular lunchtime workout spot in town. Their 45-minute, high-intensity classes incorporate, you guessed it, boxing and spin biking into a high calorie burning workout which improves fitness, boxing technique and body composition. Don’t forget your boxing gloves.

Myall Wellbeing


Enjoy a relaxing moment in the middle of the work day at Myall Wellbeing in Perth. This lovely light-filled studio is the perfect antidote to a stressful morning of dealing with emails. It might be a little tricky to leave the mat after a short shavasana, but you will be in a better place to deal with all the tricky work you put off all morning when you do. They also offer a few midday guided meditations throughout the week when all you want is a rest day. 

Bike Bar

Claremont and Applecross

Perth's answer to Soul Cycle, Bike Bar's BB35 will get you dripping. The 35-minute class is likened to a complete cardio dance party, with the addition of 1kg dumbells to keep your arms toned up. Bonus: there are hot showers and fresh towels waiting to reward you post-workout.

LA Fit Studio

Subiaco and Highgate

For maximum calorie burn in just 45 minutes, head to LA Fit Studio in Subiaco or Highgate for one of their classes in the Lagree method. Think Pilates on steroids and you’re halfway there. The Lagree method combines strength, endurance, cardiovascular, balance, flexibility and core training into a full body workout. It doesn’t get much better than this.



Imagine a workout that combines CrossFit-style moves with Timezone’s Dance Dance Revolution and you have PRAMA, the latest fitness class that’s landed in Perth. JSA Recreational Centre in Rivervale is the only place in Perth that you can do the workout, which unfolds in 45 second blocks of sweat and tears and 15 second rests as you switch between the stations and try to keep your breakfast down. Yes you'll get sweaty, so bring a towel and shower off before heading back to your desk.



AirYoga in Leederville runs a range of one hour yoga and handstand classes which provide the perfect opportunity to hang out in the middle of the work day. The rush of blood to your head will definitely help you get through a tough afternoon of work. Who knows, it might even get you to your next promotion sooner.

So now there are no excuses to get your sweat on in the middle of your workday—go forth and get fit.

Got a little more time up your sleeve? Check out some of the best fitness studios in Perth

Image credit: Heartbeat High

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