Perth’s Best Soft Shell Crab Dishes

By Anna Franklyn
17th Oct 2016

Best Soft Shell Crab In Perth

Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t just about fall over themselves when they see the words soft shell crab on a menu? There’s something about that crunch and the melt in your mouth goodness that just gets you every time. And the fact that they’re served fried nine times out of 10 doesn’t hurt.

Here are 12 of Perth’s best soft shell crab dishes.


Perth and Fremantle

The soft shell crab burger at Chimek comes in a charcoal bun and it’s as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the taste buds. Topped with chipotle mayo, an egg and cheese, this burger is crab-tastic. #sorrynotsorry

El Publico

Mount Lawley

El Publico’s soft shell crab tacos are the stuff dreams are made of. Crunchy crab, soft tortillas and so.much.flavour! Don’t even think about sharing these bad boys, in fact, you should get two.

Bib & Tucker

North Fremantle

A slider is pretty hard to pass up no matter what the situation, but fill it with some crispy soft shell crab and it’s an absolute winner. These tasty little morsels from Bib & Tucker will make your day.

Apple Daily


Salt and pepper squid is ok I guess, but salt and pepper crab? Well that’s another story. You absolutely cannot pass up this crunchy, salty, spicy crab topped with green paw paw, peanuts and mint at Apple Daily.

Dainty Dowager

Mount Lawley

Soft shell crab and green papaya is a match made in heaven, and that’s kinda what it feels like when you take your first mouthful of this delightful salad from Dainty Dowager. Grab a cocktail or two and feast away.

Wok St Chow House


Wok St Chow House do a killer crying tiger but the dish you really can’t miss is the soft shell crab in yellow curry sauce. Start your night with this dish and nothing can go wrong.



If you like a bit of heat, you can’t miss the chilli pepper soft shell crab at BamBamBoo. Considering it’s less than $10 for this spicy deliciousness, you might as well grab a dumpling or two while you’re there.

Lucky Chan's


We know soft shell crab is great in a burger and just as good in a taco, but what about in an amazingly fresh, soft steamed bao bun? The jury is in and it turns out it’s fab! Lucky Chan's is famous for the bao so do not miss this next time you visit!



The soft shell crab and pork tortilla is the highlight of the menu at Kitsch. The Asian salad that comes with this is amazing, but of course the crab is the star of the show, perfectly flavoursome and crunchy, you will not want to share this!

Miss Potz

Mount Lawley

Soft shell crab and papaya salad is a tried and true combo and we will never complain when we see this on a menu. The flavours balance each other out to create the perfect dish, and Miss Potz is BYO so you’d be crazy not to take that bottle of vino you’ve been saving!

HangOut On 20 Preston


The Singapore chilli crab at HangOut on 20 Preston is a serious show-stopper. This crab-a-licious dish is extra spesh, wrapped in fried vermicelli noodles and served with the chef’s special Singaporean Chilli Crab sauce. Every bite is like crunchy perfection.



Let’s be honest. Anything you order at Nobu is going to make you all sorts of happy, but trust us when we say you need to try the soft shell crab with watermelon. It is consistently one of the best dishes on the menu and you will not be disappointed! They’ve also got soft shell crab sushi here if you want to double down. 

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Chimek | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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