New Sustainable Tours Are Running In Bali And They’re Worth Your Hard Earned Dollies

By Tina Varghese
20th Mar 2018

You’ve probably spent one too many long weekends in Bali, soaking in the sun while looking over the vast blue ocean and sipping on endless Bali Moons. However, between the pools, beaches, and the luxurious villas, there’s a whole chunk of glorious Bali that you probably haven’t discovered yet.

Real Indonesia, a sustainable tour company determined to give you an authentic and life-changing travel experience, promises to immerse you in the heart and culture of Indonesia. They offer a couple of customised tours which take you across rural Bali, giving you a taste of what everyday life in Indonesia looks like, and showing you a beautiful side to Bali which often escapes the travel pamphlets. These tours, designed to help you explore Bali like a local, also support the local Balinese people and aid in community development.

There are a bunch of exciting packages you can check out for your next awesome Bali getaway, including a guided tour of the magnificent Ubud Palace (with the prince himself!) and an authentic Balinese feast along with a traditional song and dance to lift your spirits.

If you’re looking to getaway away from the cosmo life, take a one-day package where you can plough a field, make Balinese cakes and chat away with the local villagers while learning more about the rural life in Bali. You can also enjoy a delicious Balinese lunch cooked by the villagers and in turn, maybe teach them some good ol’ Aussie slang?

For those of you who in it for the long haul, go ahead and take the six-day package, which includes tours of two beautiful cities in East Java; Surabaya and Malang, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the exquisite Bromo sunrise.

You know what they say, do good, feel good!

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Image credit: Real Indonesia

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