Slate Cafe Has Finally Opened In The Swan Valley!

By Anna Franklyn
10th Oct 2016

We’ve been waiting for Slate Cafe to open in the Swan Valley for what feels like an age, and now that it’s finally flung open the doors we’re even more excited than we expected. Why? Well first of all, the chef is a former Nobu chef, so you know the food is going to be freaking amazing. They’re dishing up mod-Oz dishes with an Asian influence—think chilli prawn omelettes, delicious beef pho, Vietnamese beef stew as well as all your usual brekky options.

The cafe is located at Bennett Springs at one of the entrances to Whiteman Park, meaning they’ve got a huge outdoor area where you can pull up a picnic rug and sit back and relax. While you can’t get alcohol yet, there are a plans in the works and we couldn’t think of anything better than sitting back with a cold brewski or a glass of wine in the sunshine.

It’s also kid-friendly (there's an indoor and outdoor playground) plus there’s a dog playground—yes, a dog playground! We die.

Want to know the exact location, opening hours and all the details? Find Slate Cafe in the directory.

Image credit: Josefin Stolt Westling

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