Raise A Glass, You Can Now Add Booze To Your Takeaway Food Order In Perth

By Ranyhyn Laine
28th Mar 2020

Takeaway alcohol delivery perth

Yes, it's true. In quite frankly the best news we've had all week, licensed West Australian restaurants can now deliver or serve takeaway wine, beer and pre-mixed drinks.

The new rules come into effect now that all restaurants, cafes and other hospitality venues have had to close their doors to dine in customers because of COVID-19. There are a few caveats that need to be in place for the venues to be able to serve or deliver takeaway drinks of course, namely, they need to apply for the special liquor licence. Also: 

  • Sales will be limited to between 12pm and 12am.
  • A maximum limit of one bottle of wine and one six-pack (beer, cider or pre-mixed spirits) applies. 

But honestly, we'll take it, because the less stops we have to make on our nightly takeway run, the better. 

As mentioned, restaurants will have to apply for the special liquor license but the applications are being fast-tracked in an effort to support the hospitality industry. Word on the street is that Double Rainbow at The Rechabite has already got theirs, as well as Il Lido and Canteen in Cottlesloe; which is a good thing because pizza and pasta without a glass of vino is basically blasphemy. 

Check out a few of the restaurants still open for takeaway and delivery here, we'd be willing to bet a few of them will have the special liquor license any minute now. 

Image credit: Louise Coghill

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