The Bachelorette: EP 2 Recap

By Sophie Colvin
23rd Sep 2016

Bachelorette Ep 2

Episode two has wrapped up in a whirlwind of changing hair lengths and a lot of male bitchiness.

Single Date Time 

Jake gets the single date, and in all honesty, it’s pretty snore-worthy. They do something in nature, and then they sit and get to know each other. He’s very normal, he nails it with the sympathy shoulder/understanding guys thing. Probably the biggest relief is that Georgia has a very normal on-screen kiss—there’s no weird wide-mouth, visible tongue situation going on. Big ups.

Having said that, I’m going to eat humble pie, I didn’t give ol’ Jakey boy nearly enough credit yesterday, Georgia seems pretty damn into him.

Courtney speculates that Jake and Georgia might be “A couple of hundred kilometres up in a hot air balloon” Unlikely, mate, unlikely. Seeing as jets fly at a maximum altitude of about 13km. Aren’t you an industrial designer?

Group Date Time

They’re going all Mills And Boon on a photo shoot and we can all see Rhys' eyes twinkle at the thought of further exposure. 

They have a very strange argument about who’s a model and who’s not. Wouldn’t hear that argument on The Bachelor, girls would be claiming that straight off the bat, claiming family photo shoots as legit experience.

Rhys claims he’s switched on AND good looking, but then proceeds to request some extra contouring for his jaw. Smart move, champ.

Rhys gets his #rig out and the guys lose their minds, Rhys is loving every second, but something tells me Georgia wasn’t really digging it.

The bitchiness between Sam and Rhys is borderline Keira style. #TeamSam.

Cam and Georgia’s shoot is a bit painful to watch. Like, seriously just kiss her, dude. On the plus side, Cam’s smile is the cutest thing we’ve seen in a long time. We just want to pinch those cheeks!

Cocktail Party Time

Rhys has prepared a little poem (he’s obviously taking tips from Alex Nation), he reckons being ‘the creative type’ has worked really well for him… obviously not that well buddy, you’re looking for love on national television. And in all honesty, I had to press mute after three seconds of Rhys’s poem, it was just tooooo cringey. I could feel my soul shrivelling up.

Sam’s impersonation of Rhys cutting his grass is hands-down the best moment of the episode. We don’t usually condone bullying, but….

Rose Ceremony Time

Camera zooms in on Aaron’s lazy eye and stays there for ages. Toooo good. Sam gives a running commentary of how pissed off he’ll be if he goes home before Rhys.

Drum roll…Ben goes home after admitting that Georgia would “have rocks in her head to think I’m alright.” Someone give the man a boost. 

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