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By Anna Franklyn
31st Jan 2017

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that Perth peeps go cray cray for hummus, and I don’t blame you. With a hummus habit that would put any vego to shame, (an entire tub in one sitting isn’t weird right?) you can understand I was a wee bit excited at the news that The Hummus Club would be opening in Northbridge, a mere five-minute walk from the office.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, The Hummus Club first popped up at various markets around town and after their delicious Middle Eastern eats proved ridiculously popular among the Perth locals, they set up a pop-up shop in Perth to test the waters for full-time restaurateuring.

Those six months flew by and before we knew it, owners Kaitlin and Ziad Zammar were crowd funding their first permanent restaurant, and the crowds sure were quick to get behind them. These guys grew up eating Middle Eastern cuisine so they knew their shizz—and it shows.

Everything I ate (which was just about everything on the menu) was pretty drool-worthy, but the absolute must-try dishes were the hummus with beef, pomegranate and fried pita chips—so.much.crunchy.goodness—the lamb kefta and the falafel. Oh and let’s not forget the beef kibbeh.

If you haven’t tried kibbeh, do yourself a favour and go and get some from The Hummus Club ASAP. It’s a bit like a fried croquette made with beef, burghul and all of the delicious Middle Eastern spices, sitting on top of a yoghurt sauce that you’ll want to lick directly from the plate.

Try your hardest not to fill up on mains though, because the desserts are out of control. In fact, even if you do fill up on mains, push through and order both the brownie and Tayta’s doughnuts. The doughnuts with orange and choc-hazelnut sauce have just about reached cult status in Perth—and they deserve that status—but to be honest I don’t think the brownie is getting the attention it deserves. Made with chocolate and halva (it’s a tahini based dessert, FYI), you can just taste the tahini and it balances out the fairy floss and rich chocolate perfectly.

I could go on about the food here all day long, but there’s actually more on offer than just mouth-watering goodness. The crew here are showcasing local and Middle Eastern talent through the artwork on the walls too. At the moment, there’s a piece from Karim Jabbari which incorporates the names of everyone who contributed to the crowdfunding campaign. The long-term plan is to have an ever changing line up of local artists contributing to the space that will be constantly evolving, so you’ll always have a good excuse to go back!

Want to the know the location, opening hours and all the details? Find The Hummus Club in the directory.

Image credit: Elle Borgward

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