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Condition Your Core At This Coastal Pilates Studio In North Beach

By Madison Lowe
9th Dec 2020

If a body-burning workout by the beach is what you’re seeking, The Pilates Co in North Beach is where you’ll find it. This beautiful new coastal pilates studio is home to ten cutting edge reformer machines and an incredibly talented team of pilates instructors led by founder and director Olivia Russell. 

When you walk in you’ll be greeted by the gorgeous bright and beachy interior as the sunlight pours in through the floor-to-wall windows. Get comfy on one of the reformers and prepare to feel the burn—you’re in for one deceptively difficult sweat sesh. 

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or you’re just finding your feet in the wonderful world of pilates, you can choose from a variety of classes to suit your needs. 

Newbies should start off with the Reformer Essentials class—50 minutes of muscle-strengthening goodness that will literally shake you to your core while you get familiar with the reformer machine—before moving onto the signature Reformer class. 

Inside The Pilates Co in North Beach.

We’re not too sure how many classes it takes to look as graceful as the instructors, who casually glide through the workouts seemingly unphased, but we can promise you’ll become stronger, more balanced and much more coordinated with each session. Surely it’s only a matter of time before those killer abs appear. 

If you need a little more special attention, The Pilates Co offers private sessions for one to three people, and they also run corporate classes if you want to take your team bonding to the next level.

With a huge selection of class times to choose from on weekday mornings and evenings and three sessions on Saturday mornings, even those with the busiest of schedules will be able to find time for one of these core-building workouts.

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