The Ultimate Lazy Person’s Guide To Getting Fun Run Ready

By Anna Franklyn
19th Apr 2016

Perthlings, we know you’re all fitness fanatics and we also know you just love a good fun run. That’s why we’ve teamed up with HBF Run For A Reason to get the lowdown on how you can get on the right track to smash that run on Sunday 22 May!

OK so we don’t mean to freak you out but we’re only five weeks out from the big day. If you’re not a seasoned running pro already, maybe you should go ahead and scrap any crazy ideas about doing the half marathon. 21km just ain’t gonna happen that quickly. But the 12km or 4km course seems achievable ammmiright?

So if you can’t run 4km without feeling like you might keel over and die, don’t despair! We’ve got the ultimate lazy person’s guide to getting fun run ready! Here goes…

Find A Buddy

Everything is more fun with friends—drinking, eating, being hungover and even exercise. Also, it’s way harder to hit the snooze button when you know your running buddy is standing outside waiting for you. So find some friends, pick a charity to support and get training. The first person to bail on a training session owes everyone brekkie!

Get Some Killer Tunes

If your favourite beats don’t make you want to get up and go, then you might be a little bit dead inside? Make a playlist (or stalk your best muso friend on Spotify and just steal theirs) and get going. Or to really kill two birds with one stone, you could get your audiobook on. Getting smarter and fitter at the same time? We’re in.

Get Off The Couch

Ok so finding friends and music was fun, but turns out you might actually have to do some training now. Don’t freak out, just start small. If you haven’t run in years, now is not the time to try and smash out 10kms on your first go. Alternate between running for one or two minutes and walking for one or two minutes. See if you can do that for 20 minutes. No need to push yourself too hard at the start!

Set Some Goals

It’s called run for a REASON. Are you trying to get fit? Trying to raise money? Just trying to get your pals together a super fun day out? Whatever your reason, set yourself some super realistic goals, because…

Treat Yo’self!

When you smash those goals you totes get to treat yo’self! Go get yourself a post workout brekkie, splurge on that massage or max out your credit card on some athleisure wear.


You’ve made it to race day, lazy person style, well done! So now all you have to do is turn up, run—or walk—the course which is pretty dang beautiful, and enjoy the beats and entertainment along the way. And when you get to that finish line, not only will you feel amazing, you’ll get a free massage and no doubt a couple of killer insta-shots #huzzah!

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Image credit: HBF Run For A Reason

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