This Is Why You Can’t Stop Eating Bread And Pasta

By Ellen Seah
2nd Nov 2016

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Foodies, there might be a scientific reason behind your insatiable desire to scoff down bowls of spaghetti and buttered bread. Scientists in America have discovered a “sixth taste”. Along with sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami (nah we didn’t know that was the fifth taste either), Juyum Lim and her team at Oregon State University propose “starch” may be the sixth taste.

Up until now, it had been assumed that humans could only taste the sugar in carbohydrates, but tests by Dr Lim show participants were still able to taste a flavour described as “starchy” with their sweet receptors blocked.

Asians described the taste as “rice-like” while Caucasians described the flavour as “bread-like or pasta-like”.

“Starchy” has yet to make the official list of primary tastes because the flavour doesn’t have its own set of tongue receptors, unlike the current five primary tastes.

Here at The Urban List, we think it makes sense…considering out seemingly unexplainable adoration for fresh, fluffy toast in the morning.  

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